[FOOD] If you are a surfer or traveler, here is your favorite curry gutsuri rice! Tokyo, Yokohama, Shonan 5 selections


Tokyo area

1.Yellow Company Ebisu(Yellow Company) Sapporo soup curry shop Yellow's Tokyo store orthodox soup curry. It is a taste that anyone can enjoy. It is about 10 minutes away from the station, and when you go by car, it is a little painful that the nearby coin parking is high.

Yokohama area

2.Kikuya Curry(Kikuya curry) It looks like a hidden curry famous Western restaurant on a Noge slope, and seems to be run by a couple. The butter masara -flavored curry is very delicious 3.Soup curry YokohamaBeirakkyo Sapporo soup curry shop relocated to a soup curry shop that became independent, and the inside of the store became wider and comfortable. The point is that you can drink beer from all over the world. 4.Alpan loan It can be used on the highest peak of mountain hut curry, the highest cospa, and casual date. The location perfect for a drive from Tokyo is very crowded during the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays, so you need to go around 11:30 am early or devise a way to shift time.

Shonan area

5. Coral Reef Moana Makai store(Sango show) When the standard coral reefs in Shonan Curry are crowded, you can often eat without waiting for the head office on the hill. In summer, 134 is too congested, so autumn and winter are recommended.

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