[Final Chapter] Adam and Dean Memorial Paddle Out in Australia

I've been telling my friend, Adam, who was killed in Mexico. In the case of Adam and Dean, their bodies arrived in Australia and a memorial paddle out was held in Australia. Surfers scattered in Mexico Adam Coleman Dean Lucas Trivation Mexico and Memorial paddle out around the world Golden Bay was two hometowns, and hundreds of their friends paddle out, paddle out, and turned the flowers. This time, a memorial paddle out was held on the beach called Secret Harbour.
Finished video Posted by Octocam Aerial Imaging ONDAY, JANUARY 17, 2016
There is an illustration on the jeep drawn by a friend artist. The atmosphere of Adam is very good. Adam Jeep beach Mexico paddle out Dean's father greets Dean Father Flower Women beach 2 Then paddle out all at once Flowers on Board paddless Every One Adam Paddle Out Beautiful Tribute Circle 6Circle 5 Beach People Everyone will surf to the shore while surfing all at once. w Surf Party Wave2 Boy Surf Party Wave Girl Surf Washed Up Flower Flowers in Wave See You Soon, Brothers !! Until Next Time, Keep It Rad Up Tere !!! Until you meet again!

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