Top festival 2016 @ Shizuoka Yoshida Park Park 3 or more people are more advantageous!

Shizuoka, where you can see the sea, will be held at Yoshida Park this year as well.Official site Performing artist

6/5 sun

Sound: Acoustic, Sound Ethnos Lighting: SHINKILOW Candle Stage: Chiroro candle MOON STAGE: TAIHEICHANG
Of course there are camp areas and candle time Pick up the festival from Instagram

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And I still want to pay attention to the festival parking ticket.♪If you ride and ride three or more people as follows, the parking ticket will be free. I want to share with the spirit of mutual assistance! If one person per car is ¥ 2,000 (tax included) If 2 people in one car ¥ 1,000 (tax included) 3 or more people in one car ¥ 0 * Children also enter the number of children. * Please pay the charge fee locally on the day. * There is also a coin parking (600 yen/24 hours from 600 yen/24 hours) around Shimada Station, so you can use it and come to Shimada Station by a free shuttle bus. It ’s a method♪ If you shake itGo RideLet's register a drive to the festival! MADOKA BUS3

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