[FESTIVAL] EARTH GARDEN "Autumn" @Yoyogi Park October 24 (Sat) 25 (Sun)

Exhibition: Earth Garden Autumn 2015

Earth Garden What is "Autumn"?

Organic and ecological lifestyles become more familiar. The consciousness of nature and people will take root in daily life.

"More free organic"

EARTH GARDEN is a community festival held every season. Live & talk on the outdoor stage, eco -friendly market areas, food areas, and food areas are lined up in Yoyogi Park, and we propose many people a lifestyle that will be important.
It's a perfect event to enjoy ecology loosely, is it like a lifestyle proposal festival? There is also a candle night event. Other projects as follows

Various outdoor man emits attachment gears greatly "Gearloop Market"

Outdoor Gears ONLY FLEA MARKET !! for Outddor Freaks !!
It's good to hear your impressions from people who actually use gear. In addition, it is a project unique to this event where the gears do not waste garbage because the gears do not waste garbage.

The Earth Garden has introduced reuse tableware that can be washed and used repeatedly.

It is good to be consistent in such places. Perhaps there were not many events to enjoy ecology casually. From here on, please see Instagram last year's event.

#Vegetable Sommelier soup shop KURUMI

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I am not good at birds. #Drunk #Earth Garden Autumn

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Performing artist

October 24 (Sat)

Oraka = Monorail movie "Super Local Hero" Treemono NO ENTRY TEX & SUN FLOWER SEED

October 25th (Sun)

Riddimates Nego Muff COMUGI

Event overview

October 24, 2015 (Sat) 25 (Sun), Tokyo Yoyogi Park


Earth Garden TEL: 03-5468-3282 Mail: info@earth-garden.jp

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