[FESTIVAL] 5th Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2015 Japan's largest curry festival 10/31 (Sat), 11/1 (Sun)

source:Kanda Curry Grand Prix Spark Party It is an event to send to curry lovers nationwide. It's irresistible for curry lovers.
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Japan's largest curry festival will be held again this year! Compare the proud curry of the chosen 20 stores and vote for your favorite curry! From here, we will introduce a delicious curry Instagram!

Event details

The 5th Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2015 Grand Prix Decision Battle will be held to excite the city of Kanda, where more than 300 curry offerings gather with the power of curry! Find your favorite curry!

Official site: http://kanda-curry.com/ Facebook: KANDACURRY Twitter: @kandacurry ≪ Qualifying "" Qualifying fan voting "will be held in the following two ways to select 15 stores. * Details will be announced on the official website of Kanda Curry Grand Prix. 1. The Internet from noon on September 1, 2015 (Monday) to 10:00 am from noon to Thursday, September 24. 2. Government postcards (valid on the day of September 20) The remaining 5 stores are selected at the recommender meeting consisting of local and Kanda -raised members. ≪ Kanda Curry Street Eating Stamp Rally ≫ A food -walking event to enjoy the curry shops in the city of Kanda. Held all over the city of Kanda for 100 days from Wednesday, September 9, 2015 to Thursday, December 17, 2015. Kanda Curry Street Official Guidebook 2015 (70,000 copies, A5 vertical, free) distributed at curry provisions, bookstores, public facilities, etc. in the Kanda neighborhood can be obtained by showing them at the stamp rally. When you apply, you will also have a gift plan that allows you to receive prizes by lottery according to the number of stamps collected. And those who have won all stores will be awarded as Kanda Curry Meister and will be awarded the Kanda Curry Meister 2016 Certificate. Kanda Curry Meister will receive the right to participate in the Meister Conference and the Meister Award Jury, and other Meister -only benefits. Last time, 69 Kanda Curry Meisters were born, and have already been actively participating in Kanda Curry Fan Club and Curry Grand Prix, and enjoying curry, as a leading person to Kanda Curry. ≪Grand Prix Decision Battle≫ The 20 stores selected are gathered together in the Ogawa Square, and the curry that is proud of each store is offered at a special price compared to eating. One voting ticket per curry is distributed to the buyer, and the buyers who compare curry are voted in the voting box installed in the venue, in the order of the number of votes, Grand Prix, semi -Grand Prix, 3rd place. decide. [Date and time] ≪ Grand Prix Decision Battle≫ October 31, 2015 (Saturday) -November 1 (Sun), October 31 (Sat): 11: 00-19: 00 Sunday, November 1st (Sunday): 11 : 00-17: 00 (opening ceremony is 10:40 on the first day, the award ceremony is 17:00 on the second day) ≪See the eve≫ October 30, 2015 (Friday) 16: 00-20: 00 [Venue] Ogawa Square (Venue] 3-6 Kanda Ogawa -cho, Chiyoda -ku)

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