Explain the important logistics (logistics) selection for cross -border EC! [Fedex / EMS / Amazon FBA]

by Kaho Okazaki

Cross -border EC that is expected to grow significantly

Many people will have more opportunities to use the online shop during the Corona.

This trend is the same worldwide2023Year8Announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the moon"Ordinance4Year digital trading environment development project (market survey on electronic commercial transactions) "among2021In the yearEstimation7850$ 100 millionCross -borderECThe market size of2030In the year7Trillion9380$ 100 millionand10In a year10Nearly twice the growth is predicted.

What is important for cross -border EC is the logistics (logistics) selection

Many people are interested in cross -border EC according to the previous information. What is very important for cross -border EC is the logistics system, that is,Logistics (Logi)is.


One of the big points at the cross -border EC isLogistics costandCustomer satisfactionBecause it has a big impact on.

The logistics cost at the cross -border EC is larger than that of domestic ones, so how to lower the delivery unit price.It is directly linked to sales.

And delivery abroad tends to take time to reach the customer. Such1To deliver as soon as possibleIt leads to improving customer satisfaction

Fedex and EMS

This time, it will be operated by a private delivery companyInternational courier serviceof1BeFedexAnd operated by public delivery companies in each countryInternational postof1Seed EmsI want to see the difference.

Delivery speed

FedexThen, there is a plan that emphasizes plant costs that emphasize speed, and in a plan that emphasizes speed68kgEven with the above luggage13Business dayIt is stated that it can be delivered byEmsteeth24DayBecause there was a description as a degree1DayFedexCan be delivered faster.


Conversely, in terms of priceOverall Fedex is higherHowever, using a plan that emphasizes the speed mentioned earlier is more costly. However, in Fedex and EMSThe calculation method of the price is different


FedexIs the volumeWhile calculating the feeEmsThen the actual weightSince it will be calculated in, it is necessary to consider whether to use it depending on whether the volume of the product handled is large or heavy.

Customs clearance procedure

It was not a big difference to say that there was a difference so far. Then the last is fedex and EMSThere is the mostAbout customs clearance procedures.

All international courier flights, including the Fedex featured this time, have been filed with customssurelyYou need it.

The declaration itself will be performed by the delivery company, but itAgency feeIt costs the cost.

andYou can pay the sending side or luggage to the delivery company.

And the price is in EMS200,000 yen or lessSince the mail is self -reported,A declaration to customs is not required.

However, if tariffs are charged in the country of delivery, the receiving side, that is,Keep in mind that customers need to pay tariffs.

Another option FBA

There are many other delivery companies besides FedEX, and there are differences in delivery areas and price plans that are good at each. But another option is Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA (FBA = Fulfilment by Amazon) is a logistics and delivery agency service directly managed by Amazon.

Amazon's warehouse staff will support you from packaging to shipping, and you can store a large amount of stock in Amazon warehouse. Once you send the product to the Amazon warehouse, Amazon will respond.


Various charges, registration methods, etc.About Amazon FBAThis articleI explain in detail.

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