EL SAVADOR CHEAP FOOD El Salvador's common meal

In El Salvador, I Was Eating Same Thing Pretty Much everyday. In General, CHEAP FOOD in EL SALVADOR WAS GOOD AS MEXICO. I Miss CHEAP YET GOOD Quality Mexican Food These Days. But THERE ARE STILL DECENT, VALUE FOR MONEY MEALS. Here is my favorite Biscuit ICE CREAM. Tritz $ 1.5. I ate only the same thing about the meal in El Salvador. I'm just surfing and I don't eat very decent things. Honestly I miss Mexican food. Biscuit ice cream TRITZ $ 1.5 I ate in El Salvador First, Open the Lid First, open the lid Turn it Upside Down. Turn over EAT with hands Just like Biscuit. Eat by hand in the biscuit state I was Eating this almost Everyday. I was eating almost every day Choco Banana $ 0.35 You can Buy this at Normal Family House, Not at Shops. You can buy it at a private house LOCAL FOOD, PAPUSA $ 2, Super Cheap. Put Cabbage and Salsa on it. PAPUSA Pacus $ 2 Susumu with a discount cabbage It is a Restaurant at Tunco Lodge Which I NEXT TO THE HOSTEL I Stayed in. I Went THERE ALMOST EVERYDAY FOR DINNER. THIS PINCHO COMBO COMBO COMBO BEER ONLY FOR $ 5, Incredible Cheap. Neighboring tunco Lodge Pincho This is a beer with a beer with this is quite cheap here almost every day dinner I Went to Other Restaurant On Beach But IT WAS EXPENSIVE AND TASTE EITHER. In addition to this, I went to a restaurant along the beach, but it was not so delicious for more than $ 15. Especially the sushi I ate was the worst lol It is a Quick Meal Report from el tunco, el salvador. This is the content of El Salvador.

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