[Effective for improving user satisfaction! ] Thorough comparison of SHOPIFY gift apps!

by keigo matsunari

With the introduction of the SHOPIFY gift app, you can further enhance your online store gift experience. The gift application supports customers to easily purchase gifts and express their appreciation and blessings to special people.

Store de default cannot set a gift option.
Therefore, I would like to thoroughly compare apps and customizes that can provide gift functions in the store based on the advantages and disadvantages.

Find a method that suits the requirements you want to realize.

How to achieve a gift option with SHOPIFY?

The following two types are roughly divided.

  • Perform theme customization.
  • Use the app.

The theme customization has the advantage that once implemented, there is no monthly fee, but there are disadvantages that are not possible depending on the need for programming knowledge or requests.

To do the theme kusmize, hereOfficial documentSee you.

This tutorial content will be set to a check box on the cart page and automatically add the registered gift wrapping option to the cart according to the check status. If it is a simple wrapping option, I think it is good here.

If you want to select a gift option for each product, you want to set a more detailed gift, or if you feel that the customization threshold is high, we recommend using the app.

I would like to compare the contents of the three recommended gifts apps below.

  • Wrapin ‑ GIFT WRAP & Options
  • All in gift


As the app name suggests, it is a free gift application that can be set to present Y when purchasing X.

Gift products can be automatically added to the cart based on the product conditions added to the cart.

Conditions can be set from the following.

・ Total amount in the cart

・ Added product

・ Collection, type, vendor of added products

It would be nice to be able to set a free gift for each product.

You can also set multiple gifts so that customers select it.

You can also set priority when conditions overlap.

Analysis function is also available.

Recommended for stores where there are many target gift settings and complicated conditions.

The monthly fee will change depending on the Shopify store plan.

Basic $ 29.99 -plus $ 99.99

Wrapin ‑ GIFT WRAP & Options


・ Gift trapping options can be set on the product page and cart page.

・ Setting a gift message.

・ Automatically give tags to orders.

It is an application that automatically adds the product set as GIFT to the cart.

By using the theme customization and SHOPIFY FLOW, what you can do with this app can be realized.

However, you may feel that the customization hurdle may be high, so you can set a basic wrapping option immediately after installation by using this app.

Since it can be used from $ 3.99, it is recommended if you want to start the basic wrapping function at a low price.

All in gift


・ Made in Japan (support is Japanese compatible)

・ Optional services such as bonito, wrapping, handbags, etc.

・ Gift can be given without knowing the other party's address (e gift)

・ Analysis function

・ You can specify multiple delivery destinations (multi -sipping)

It is a GIFT app with an unprecedented function such as E gift and multiple delivery destinations. This app is recommended for these functions. Conversely, if you want to implement a simple gift, it is not recommended.

There were some parts that seemed difficult to use for basic functions.

・ Paid wrapping settings cannot be set.

・ Change the behavior of the additional button to the cart and suddenly transition to check -out.

・ At multiple delivery destinations, it is divided into parent -child orders, and the reduction tax rate is not applied to the child order.

I think it's a good idea to install and try once if you want to realize it because it has various functions with a Japanese gift app that can be used for free!


Gift apps not only improve customer experiences, but also support business growth. Gift options are effective means to increase customer willingness to buy and re -store and review. In addition, it is possible to create a new source of revenue by expanding campaigns and sale utilizing gift apps during special events and season.

I think the content of gifts that you want to be realized will change for each merchant.

E -gift that can be delivered directly to the opponent from simple wrapping options, gifts, gifts, free gifts, and opponents.

Since it is a gift app that has many different functions for each app, I think it is important to decide what you want to realize and select appropriate apps.

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