Effective for improving CVR! I will explain the points of UI/UX that should be aware of in the production of EC sites, including examples.

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Unlike corporate sites, EC sites are important points that affect the purchase as well as designs.

Various companies are working on improving UI/UX every day.

What is UI/UX in this article? Why do we need to improve UI/UX? How should we improve UI/UX? I will explain!

What is UI/UX?

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are important elements in EC sites and services design and conductors.

UI (user interface)

The UI (user interface) refers to visual elements and interactions for users to interact with products and services. The UI is a process that designs users visible elements, such as buttons, menus, forms, icons, and layouts. The purpose of UI design is to intuitively operate products and services, providing ease of use and visual charm.

UX (user experience)

UX (user experience) refers to the comprehensive experience and satisfaction that users feel when using products and services. The UX Design understands how the users use products and services to achieve their goals, and design them to support them. The UX design analyzes user needs and goals, designs user flows, organizing information, simplifying tasks, improving ease of use.

UI and UX are closely related and affect each other. Good UI design provides ease of use and visual charm, and good UX design provides an experience that users can feel satisfaction and efficiency. It is expected that users can use and comfortably operate products and services, improving user satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in good results for business.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)

What is CX (Customer Experience)?

EC sites often use the word CX (customer experience).

CX (Customer Experience) refers to the overall experience and satisfaction. UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are part of the elements that form CX. The UI refers to visual elements for users to interact with products and services, and UX refers to a comprehensive experience that users feel when using their products and services.

What is CX (Customer Experience)?

UI/UX trends in the EC industry

Personalization and customization

It is important to have a personalized experience for providing individual information and recommended products to users. UI/UX design requires the introduction of customization functions and recommended systems based on user preferences and action history.

Mobile First Design

Mobile -friendly design is important because the user's access from mobile devices is increasing. In the UI/UX design, it is necessary to consider interfaces suitable for mobile environments, such as responsive design and mobile optimization.

Seamless multi -channel experience

It is common for users to contact products and services using multiple channels (EC sites, mobile apps, social media, etc.). In the design of UI/UX, it is important to provide consistent and seamless experiences between different channels.

Storytelling and brand experience

Storytelling is a method that gives an attractive narrative and emotion to products and brands. On EC sites, by communicating products and brand stories to customers, you can attract customers and promote sympathy for the brand. Storytelling is used as a means of conveying the background of the product, the episode of development, the use and effects of products. It is also important to differentiate the product and emphasize the uniqueness of the brand.

UI/UX trends in the EC industry

Discover issues for improving UI/UX on EC sites

In order to improve the UI/UX on the EC site, it is important to first investigate the current site and find out what kind of challenges are for UX. Refer to the following items so that you can take as many issues as possible.

Is there a problem with the easy -to -view and easy -to -understand design of the design?

The design is not overly insisted, and the information is organized in an easy -to -understand manner. Adjust the color and the appropriate font size settings according to the Tonmana on the site.

Is it a mobile -friendly design?

Mobile access is getting so much that you can't avoid it. Currently, we often design mobile mainly, and being a mobile -friendly is an important item recommended by Google.

Can you reach the information that your customer wants smoothly?

If there are too many notes and categories, users may get lost.

It is important that basic information, such as specifications and variation information, is in a position where you do not get lost.

Is the characteristics and charm of the product fully conveyed?

On the product page, the features need to be described in a concise and easy -to -understand manner. If it is difficult to communicate with images alone, it is necessary to add a video, such as putting a video.

Is there a problem with the stay time, exit rate, and migration rate?

Even if you are interested in the product, it will be difficult to connect to the conversion if the stay time and migration rate decrease.

It is necessary to devise a device that does not lead to withdrawal, such as presenting recommended products according to the product or preparing bulk buying options.

Can you provide personalized experiences according to your customers?

Personalization is a marketing method that provides content to your customers.

Providing an experience tailored to each person can improve customer satisfaction.


  • We recommend related products according to the products you have viewed
  • Display recommended articles according to the viewed products
  • Send a discount coupon only to customers who purchased a specific product

Is there any problem with support such as FAQ, inquiries, chat, etc.

If you prepare an answer to customers who have doubts about the product in frequently asked questions or chatbots, it will be more secure and easier to purchase.

Examples of UI/UX improvement

In order to improve the UI/UX of the EC site, we will explain what kind of application to actually be actually performed.

Mobile menu

Our D2C brandSOL MATCHAThen, by placing a mobile menu that is often placed on the top right, etc. below, the operability is improved.

Review button

An important review after purchasing a product. In order to make it stand out in the first view, the color and size of the buttons are customized to make it stand out.

The purpose is to improve the trust of a high review.

Call button

Our site has recently implemented a telephone button so that you can make inquiries immediately.

I hope that it can be confirmed by calling immediately, such as when you want to confirm a small thing, so that it will lead to improvement of UX.


The UI/UX points on the EC site are explained with examples.

It is one of the important points to update the UI/UX according to the subsequent needs and trends, not the end of the EC site.

The change is severe, and after a few years it gets older. If it is difficult to keep this change, it is important to create a site with a company with a lot of proven track record.

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