[Downloading material is possible! ] How to set Amazon FBA when Japanese companies enter the United States

by Hajime Ozawa

[Updated: 6/14/2023]

Looking for a North American warehouse / logistics company?

Introducing Amazon FBA to such people!

This article describes the US Amazon FBA fees and registration flow. At the end of the article, there is also a material about Amazon FBA, so please download it and refer to it!

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (FBA = Fulfilment by Amazon) is a logistics and delivery agency service directly managed by Amazon.

It is a service that supports Amazon's warehouse staff from packaging to shipment, and you can store a large amount of stock in Amazon warehouse. Just send the product to the Amazon warehouse and Amazon will support you!

You can do this with Amazon FBA → Order processing (Amazon Seller Center), product storage, arrival processing, packing, etc.

However, what you care about is the commission!

About commission

First, Amazon FBA will mainly pay four fees (other situations will be charged depending on the situation → Example: Return fee).

  • Amazon monthly account fee
  • Referral fee
  • Fulfillment fee
  • FBA inventory pipe fee

Amazon monthly account fee

There are two types of sales:

  1. Oguchi exhibition (Professional)
  2. Kogoku exhibition (Individual)

Each sales method has advantages and disadvantages, so check it out before you start.

for example,

  • Kogoku exhibition →$ 0.99/1 item
  • Oguchi exhibition → $ 39.99/month

More information is here:https://sell.amazon.com/pricing#selling-plans

⭐️ Recommended: Professional Account (large exhibition), which has a function that allows you to exhibit or advertise using CSV, is recommended.

Referral fee

Referral fee isIt will be a fee to be sold on Amazon. 15%of the order amount will be Amazon fees.

Fulfillment fee

Fulfillment fee is a shipping fee for Amazon warehouse staff.

The cost is determined by the package size and weight of the order. There are two types of packages, standard size and oversized.

There are standard size and oversized rules, so please check below ↓

[In the case of standard size]

  • Weight: <1 pound
  • Size: 15 INCH X 12 INCH X 0.75 Size within INCH

You have to be.

[In the case of oversized]

  • Weight: <20 pounds
  • Size: 18 INCH X 14 INCH X 8 INCH size

You have to be.

See the following diagram for Amazon's package size.

Image from Amazon

☆Fees vary depending on the package size. Download the material at the end of the article and check the specific amount.

FBA inventory pipe fee

Next, I will explain the inventory pipe fee.

The storage fee varies depending on the package size and time.

① Package size: Standard/Over -size

② PEAK/OFF-PEAK period of Amazon

Image from Amazon

Please see the above diagram for the package size.

Regarding the time, there seems to be a merchant that sends a lot of products to the warehouse for the Black Friday and Holiday season from autumn to winter. Because the warehouse space is limited, Amazon is divided into Off-Peak and the Peak season, raising Peak storage fees.

The article that can be downloaded at the end of the article isPlease check the calculation method of the product (one quantity).

There is one thing to keep in mind.

That is the Long Term storage fee.

Long Term storage fee may be charged for additional Long Term storage fees if you have been stored for a long time.

For example, send 100 products to Amazon warehouse:

  • If 100 pieces can be sold within 360 days, there will be no Long Term inventory pipe fee.
  • For example, 50 out of 100 within 360 days will be sold, and the remaining 50 will be paid for Long Term inventory pipe fees (all 50 will be charged until all of them are sold).

⭐️And advice:If there are any products that are not sold, please send the remaining stock from Amazon. There is a cost to send back (Removal Fee), but according to various merchant information, it seems that it is better to send it back to Amazon and send it back again than pay the Long Term fee.

Account registration / flow

Amazon FBA first requires registration of the Amazon Seller account. This is an account used in Amazon Seller Center (such as order management, Amazon store page management, etc.).

Please register from here: https: //sell.amazon.com/

What you need for registration!

  • Stock certificate with photos issued by the government
  • Bank statement
  • mobile phone
  • credit card

As an overall flow:

  1. Submit your business information and registrant information
  2. Amazon reviews
  3. Completion of registration


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Documents about Amazon FBA can be downloaded from the buttons below!

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