Domestic surf clip in full of fan air We go GO Shotaro Nakano & Yuga Kawabata


Yuga Kawabata (Kawabata Yugo)
Shotaro Nakano (Nakano Seitaro) shooting clip in a two -person combination

This "HERE WE GO" is the second installment "Best Day of Our Life !!!" It is a one -year work following ←.
It is a work that comes out very well with the beauty of the sunset and the atmosphere of the entire fans.
It seems that they all shot around the two local Kita -Chiba and Ichinomiya.
The lifestyle video and the music match, and it will be relaxed.
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Born on 1994/7/27, transferred from Hachioji to Chiba in small 6.
University sponsor Blue Art DRIVE AIDOSURFBOARD Delphiwetsuit SurferssUpport Hulacafe Pro Lite Surf and active around Ichinomiya
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1994/10/24 Born in Kanagawa, Chigasaki to Chiba, transferred to Chiba 5
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