Does Trace change the future surfing coach? Startups that also participated in the high -tech Surfin Jody Miss

Startup trace with Jody Miss and partner, please see the video first.
You can see the riding distance and how fast you have, so
Record of my own riding (for example, if it is a record when you riding the longest riding, it seems good to remember it) Trace2-599x400
It seems to be a product that helps analyze action sports by waterproofing, impact resistance, and long -lasting, and helping a coach.
As the data becomes more accurate in the future, it will be objectively understood what the waves to move.
It means that the height of the air will be measured accordingly. Trace-Height
The price is more affordable than I thought.
How about a Christmas gift? Since it is on sale at Amazon, the United States, I think that it is possible to register an account and send it to Japan.
Official website TRACE SCREEN SHOT 2015-12-18 at 11.40.07 AM

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