[DOCOMO CM] What songs used in "STYLE '20 Friend's Information"?

DOCOMO CM for this Tokyo Olympics Isn't there anybody who was worried about this song? SlackIt seems to be the song of the rapper. See Wiki for details However, this song does not seem to be officially released, and seems to be a promotion song for the Tokyo Olympics. I wrote it as far as I could hear the lyrics. "This is a world above the game clouds Wish in the grip of Kobushi There is a plan that I thought out without sleeping You also have an important turn, don't wake up Give it to me. Door Close Gachin that was opened until a while ago I don't want to give up here A big city where the open sea sun is poured Tokyo Tokyo without sleeping Tokyo Tokyo Japan Tokyo Tokyo Sad I swallow and turn into a dream Tokyo Tokyo doesn't end Tell Tokyo Tokyo TOKYO TOKYO Day in .. TOKYO starts at 3:10 live video.

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