Do you steal the presents of others? ! What is the American classic gift exchange, White Elephant Gift Exchange?


In the gift season of 2022, the market is about to end, and the market is now excited. Are you ready for the gift?

The tradition of the holiday season is individual. You'll be excited about gifts for your loved ones, or exchange gifts with friends like secret Santa. This time, we will introduce "WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE", a gift culture held in the United States, which is recommended for gathering of family members and gifts between friends!

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What is White Elephant Gift?

White Elephant Gift Exchange, also known as Dirty Santa Gift Exchange (Dirty Santa gift exchange) is a way to exchange gifts in the United States. In addition to just replacing it, as the name of Dirty SantaYou can "steal" gifts.What kind of gift exchange is the unique and interesting White Elephant Gift Exchange unique to the United States? Here are the rules!


  1. Participants prepare one packed gift one by one
  2. Enter the present of all participants into the mountains
  3. Decide the order of choosing a present
  4. The first participant selects random gifts and solves the packaging
  5. After that, each participant can select the packaging presents, or to "steal" from the presents of other participants that have not already been packed.
  6. Continue until everyone is overwhelmed
  7. The first player can steal the already open presents again
  8. From there, steal even more, and if everyone is satisfied with the present, it ends.

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It's a novel rule that others can choose the gifts chosen by others. At this time, if you choose something that is not related to gender, you will be pleased to receive it!

So what is a gift that makes you want to steal with the White Elephant Gift Exchange? I will introduce three and introduce!

3 recommended gifts

1. Shalun | fujifilm

From travel to birthday, why not make a commemorative product with an old -fashioned disposable camera that can be photographed in a retro atmosphere? Although it takes time to develop, you can create a noostargic frame accordingly. It is good to give an album together!

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2. Sunset light

The trendy sunset light. A projector light that can create warm light like sunset in your room. This lamp, illuminated by LED light, can projected light in the image of the sunset on the wall and ceiling. Why don't you create a mood at a moment of movie appreciation, reading, and afterfive?

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3. A little luxurious toothpaste | Mervis

Italy is Frenze's first dental care brand, MARVIS. A little luxurious daily necessities, I don't buy it on a daily basis, but I'm a little happy if I get it.

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What did you think? This time, we introduced the presents replacement method in the United States, White Elephant Gift Exchange. It is an American -like gift to steal the already opened presents from others! If you are a rut for presenting gifts, please try it.


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