Design related to sales. What are the features of the e -commerce site that sells?


For product salesDesign that is greatly involved.What are the EC sites that sell intently and are dropping into the design?

Some people think that "fashionable sites are sold = sell".

That's not the case. Just because the visuals are fashionable and beautiful do not necessarily sell.

In the case of EC siteThe purpose of creating a site is "purchase" of the product.Towards the goal, we will shape the huge amount of information well.

Considering the psychology and behavior of the user, it is possible to guide the goal (purchase), and it is necessary to always consider the design from the user's perspective.

This time,About the features of the e -commerce site that sells, I will introduce it from a designer perspective.

1. Is it a site where information is organized?

You can get a huge amount of information on EC sites and websites.

for that reason,The arrangement of information is as simple as possibleTo. Group, etc., organize well, and to usersConvey in an easy -to -understand mannerThat becomes important.

As a method that makes it easy to see the arrangement of information and provide regularity"4 principles of design"May be used.


(1) Popular: Group and bring in similar information.
(2) Use: Unified by arranging elements
(3) Repeat: Increases visibility and readability by repeating the same element.
(4) Compatibility: Emphasis by emphasizing a clear difference depending on the contrast

Perhaps it may be related to the entire design of the website as well as EC sites, but there are several rules in the design, so by conscious of such rules, etc.It can be a cohesive, a rational basis, and gives the designed design persuasive.


In addition, from a lot of information, in the order you want to convey,It is also important to determine the priorityis. Depending on the priority, if you can clarify the difference with consciousness and placement, etc., information will be organized and overall.Easy -to -read siteIt will be.


If you organize well and simply organize the information, it will be a design that you can purchase products without hesitation.

2. Is it a site that you want to buy for the target you want to deliver?

In the EC site, users may buy them without looking at actual products. for that reason,It is also important how to inflate the product image and connect to the purchaseis.

In terms of expanding the product image, it is more effective to have the color scheme of the brand or an image that can imagine the product.

For example, what kind of color do you think of "luxury"?

A color that gives a slightly calm impression, such as black and gold, comes to mind.

The impressions and keywords you want to convey on the site are also directly connected to the brand image, so before thinking about the design, clarifying the target first makes it harder for mismatches to occur, and convey the goodness of the product to the other party you want to deliver. Because you can do itPersona by age and genderIs the point I want to think first.

It is not an exaggeration to say that sales will be greatly affected, and the effect of color scheme is enormous. The color is also introduced in this article, so please read it.

▼ What is the design that is easy to click on the EC site?

Regarding images that can imagine the product, the main visual (main image) of the TOP page is to convey the world view.I often use a slide show sectionis.

The goodness and brand image of the product because you sometimes buy it without seeing the actual product. Also, in terms of wanting to convey concepts, etc., it is easier to understand what products that sell it because it is the first page in the top page.

3. Is it a user first site that can be used without hesitation?

In recent years, EC sites and websites have also increased access from smartphones in addition to personal computers due to the spread of smartphones.

Therefore, it is necessary to devise ways to make the flow line up to the purchase easier to understand.


For example, at the top of the screen,Bread Kuzu ListThere is a function to make visually easy to understand where the user who is on the site is now. In addition, you can set the relevant page to the text on the bread collapse list, click it, and then return to that page.

Also, the link is setUnderlined on textIf there is, it will be easier to understand the link visually, so it is effective for users to be able to move around the site without hesitation.

In another example, you often see it on the site,"Hamburger menu"There is a function called. It is a mechanism that displays the menu and information inside the site when you click on the navigation menu of the three main lines. For those who are not familiar, some users may not know that this icon is a link.

For example, if the information you are hiding is a menu on the site, it is clear that this icon is a link to Menu if the notation such as "MENU" is written under the hamburger menu. increase.

As a criterion that I can't insert the notation of this MENU, I mentioned a little earlier.Target layer you want to deliverAlso depends on.

Whether the structure of the site can be purchased after understanding the contents of the product, of courseDetailed consideration that users can use without hesitationIt is also a feature of a site that leads to sales.

4. EC site design is easy to evaluate

Compared to a general website,The design of the EC site is relatively easy to evaluateIt will be.

It is possible to update the design based on the following quantitative data.

  • Click rate/Ctr(Of the displayed times, the user"Number of clicks"Ratio of)
  • Conversion rate(The order has been ordered for the number of access users"Number of sentences"Ratio of)

It is also important to make appropriate design renovation based on data and work hard to improve migration and CV every day.

5. Select an important platform to determine the degree of freedom of design

When building an EC siteMultiple options such as ASP, open source, packagethere is.

I think many businesses will seek the platform for a design with as much freedom and sophisticated design as possible.

If it is not a full scratchExplore the feasibility of the design you want to reproduce, based on the fact that each platform has its own characteristics and advantages and needed.

If the selection step is a platform firstCheck out the degree of freedom of design on the selected platformwill do.

In addition, whether you use internal resources for daily renewal and renovation work, in -house designers, or outsourcing to the outside depends on the business operator.

Even if the launch is a sophisticated design that matches the tonmana, it is also important that the EC is frequently renovated, so it is important that there is no difference in quality when updating.

Not only the superficial designIt is necessary to emphasize the flexibility of updatesIt can be said.


What did you think.

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