Deep deep! What is the CL (volume) and how to choose the surfboard?

There was a very good article about the volume volume of the surfboard, so I will introduce it It is explained so deeply that there is no more. Personally, I have a short board from 25 liters to 31 liters by condition, but as in the article, I can get a good ride with length, thickness, width, locker tightness, corn cave, etc. Because it changes drastically, the number of liter (volume) is only a guide, and when a beginner buys the first board, it can be a guide so that the paddle does not become too tight, but of course. However, for those who surf with a certain frequency, it is natural that other factors are greatly related to the volume alone whether the board can become a hooked board (magic board). As one of the examples, I thought it was a magic board at first, I bought this with Urwatsu specifications. I think it was a WHILPASH X TAJ 6.2 Lost Surfboard 28 liter. As for the volume, I did not think that it would be a problem because it was about 1 liter than Simon Andersen XFC 6.2 27 liter. WHILPLASH TAJ The TAJ model has been made to adapt to the beach break from the original WhipLash, but it is inevitable that the tail is slightly less likely to sink in my leg strength and Urwatts, and there is too much volume of the tail (perhaps tail locker). I felt that it was too weak, or if the tail volume was reduced with pintail, I felt it was the best match). As mentioned in the above naki's blog, the riding taste changes depending on the corn cave and locker, and the CL (volume, liter number) that needs to be changed, so even on the same high performance board with the same length 6.2, it is so large. Will change.
SCREEN SHOT 2016-09-07 at 4.10.50 PM It is a board that comes into play in such a explosion condition.
As a result, by downring from 6.2 to 6.0, the volume is 26 liters, the volume of the tail is resolved, and even if the length is reduced by 2 inches, it feels short in (my own) limit. There was nothing. I am very satisfied with the handling. I thought that it would probably be the best match if the whole volume would probably be the best match, but I experienced the fact that it would not fit depending on the length and the volume of the tail. ※postscript The other day I experienced the following Water Rampage softboard in Shonan, but the specifications

5.0 x 22 x 2 4/3 38 liters

However, because of the extreme shortness, I was able to have an interesting experience that it was overflow but was hand -handed. I realized that the volume was just a reference value. Softboard's first experiences and one of the summer Shonan sea bathing is perfect?

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