[CULTURE] Yokohama Minato Mirai New fashionable pot marine and walk Yokohama Open on March 4, 2016

Exhibition: MARINE & WALK Official HP A new fashionable spot reminiscent of the West Coast of the United States is born on the waterside next to Minato Mirai Red Brick Malin and Walk Yokohama will open in March 2016.


An open mall born from the idea of ​​creating a street in a warehouse area along the sea. By seamlessly connecting the sea and green,
We created a relaxed but relaxed street that is not in the city center. Enjoy shopping shopping,
Eating while looking at the sea,
Or take a walk ... Aim for a space where you can spend a good time just by being there.

Map Marine and Walk There are many shops from California on the whole store that opened the first store in Japan and the first Yokohama store.
Featured store scheduled tenant


The Netherlands is a denim brand DENHAM from Amsterdam. The second store will be opened following Omotesando.

Fred segal

The select shop Fred Segal from the West Coast also opened the second overseas store in Yokohama. Find a fashion where you can feel the lifestyle of California!


Apparel brand TOMS from California. In addition to shoes, TOMS is also popular with eyewear, but the Marine and Walk Yokohama store will be developing the largest assortment in the Kanto region.


A16, a popular pizza grille restaurant from San Francisco. The second store in Japan will open in Yokohama. It seems to be an open shop that is perfect for the atmosphere of Yokohama.

Facility details

[Name] MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA Group [Scheduled to open] March 2016 [Store] Product stores, restaurants, wedding halls [Number of stores] 24 stores (planned)
If you want to make the parking lot of Minato Mirai cheaper, please click here Minato Mirai parking lot 6 HACK techniques 6 selections I actually went to Marine and Walk.Marine and Walk I went to the report that combines the sea and greenery Surf taste shopping mall MADOKA beach life Full of MADOKA's bylon bay report local information! Please enjoy the atmosphere of a hip city ~ The congestion is expected for the first week after opening, so please go to play with Go Ride. You can save the parking fee, you can make friends and enjoy it :) MADOKA BUS3

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