[CULTURE] Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise X Naked "Aquarium in Paradise"

source:FASHION PRESS Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise collaborates with the creative team "naked". special event"Aquarium in paradise 2015 Winter"Will be held for a limited time from November 7, 2015 (Saturday) to February 28, 2016 (Sun). The highlight of the event is "Aqua Forest", which appears in the aquarium "Aqua Museum". It is a fantastic illumination space created using transparent films and new material fiber developed with the most advanced technology of Japan, which combines the latest technology of the sea and the latest technology. ■ The tropical aqua forest is a circular space with a large aquarium, 1,500 tons of water, which can appreciate a horde of 50,000 sardines with a powerful, 1,500 tons of water. During the day, the production changes depending on the time of day, including the image of the sunshine of the sunbeams that falls into the sea, and the “moonlight” inspired by the “snow and ice world that falls in the sea” after the evening. To go. There is also a special performance that combines the magnificent dramas and projection mapping images developed by 50,000 sardines. Tropical Aqua Forest ■ Snow Aqua Forest aquaforest_03
A special new material fiber decorated with a gentle curve shape from the ceiling is on the screens with a depth. The space in front of the aquarium, where you can view high -yarnows, sea otters, etc., turn into a fantastic space.
Furthermore, in the dolphin aquarium "Dolphin Fantasy", the night limited night lounge "CLUB D" will be held, and the "Sea Animal Show" will be performed in a limited -time night version. Events are prepared. [Overview] Paradise Aquarium 2015 Winter period: November 7, 2015 (Saturday) to February 28, 2016 (Sun) Location: Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Address: Kanazawa -ku, Yokohama -shi, Kanagawa [Inquiry destination ] Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise TEL: 045-788-8888

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