[Culture] Trailer for Mobile Office Nomad DOJO WHEELS

Source: Design Milk Based in Belgium, we have a design work that values ​​the conceptFive amIs designed a mobile office. The name is Dojowheels. It seems that this name was inspired by a Japanese dojo Dojo. The small office, like a congested trailer of a camper, is thought out with ideas for comforting comfort. Dojo Wheels4
In fact, in Europe, there are many people who borrow only the trailer of these camper cars for summer vacation and use trailers only when traveling. The night culture is deeply rooted. Of course, there is a rental of the campinger itself, but in this form, you can attach or remove it, so if you want to go on a trip from tomorrow, you can go on a trip immediately! Even though it can be a full flat bed, it is often thought that the table will compete from the middle. Furthermore, the lower part of the seat seems to be stored, and it is devised to make full use of a limited space.
Dojo Wheels5
The point is that you can open a rare skylight as a trailer and open it. Very open
Dojo Wheels6 Dojowheels1
I think it is a space that is inevitable to use alone. It looks very comfortable. Dojowheels3
It seems to be fun to stop at the seaside while traveling, surf, work. If you drive with this in Tokyo, you will be a popular person.

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