[CULTURE] Stay bookstore Book and Bed TOKYO has already opened on Thursday, November 5th, in Ikebukuro

I told you before

Bookstore Hostel Book and Bed TOKYO to stay in Ikebukuro will open this fall in Ikebukuro

But it seems to finally open. source:Book and bed Tokyo Regarding the fee [accommodation price] "Standard" ¥ 4,500- (excluding tax)/1 night ~ * There are fluctuations on the day before weekends and holidays "Compact" ¥ 3,500- (excluding tax)/1 night ~ * There are fluctuations on the day before weekends and holidays Check -in 16:00 Check -out 11:00 Credit card payment is supported. It is convenient for foreign tourists. The place is close to the west exit of Ikebukuro, 1-17-7 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021 Lumiere Building 7th floor

・ Daily Yamazaki 1 minute walk

・ 1 minute walk from drugstore

・ 2 minutes walk from foreign currency exchange office

From here on, we will introduce the inn Instagram
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I have to Have the AnnounceMent. WHO HOENE BEENG FOR THE OPENING OFOK AND BEKYO, WE HAVE NO LONGER FULFILL TWO PROMISES. Ed ​​Tokyo is September 28, and in some of the Media Had Announced, pref-open IN THE SILVER WEEK HAS POSTPONED DUE TO A DELAY IN THEK HET SURE YET WET WE OPEN. THOTO is The Entrance CG OF BOOK AND BED TOKYO. WE ARE Doing OUR BEST TO SHOW YOU THE THE WORLD ON THE OTHER SIDE OF The door. Stuff of Book and Bed Tokyo And a Lot of People Are Working Us Together To Support This Project ARE WORKING SO HARD EVERY DAY for Open Upen Upeon day. So, please, please, please Wait a Little More. It's Not SO MUCH DISTANT FUTURE WHEN OUR STORY BEGIN. Ch More That We Had Thought… BEST REGARDS, Book and Bed Tokyo Sad Notice I have to do it. Everyone who was waiting for the opening of Book and Bed Tokyo has no longer fulfilled the promises with you. Book and Bed Tokyo opened on September 28 and had to postpone the pre -opening in Silver Week, which had been announced in some media, due to delays in the schedule. It is unlikely to be clear when the postponed open day will be. This photo is the CG of the entrance of Book and Bed Tokyo. We are working hard every day with our Book and Bed Tokyo, and many people who support this project together so that we can show you the space at the end of this door as soon as possible. So please wait a little longer. It's not so far away. I hope everyone can enjoy a wonderful and wonderful experience that is more nice than what we were thinking. Book and bed Tokyo

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