[Culture] Indoors surfing fitness If you don't live near the sea? Next -generation fitness


Mark Cuban Bet $ 300,000 That Stationary Surfing WowLD BECOME A HUGE WORKOUT TREND. Posted by Insider On Wednesday, November 11, 2015
This idea, which Mark Cuban invested $ 300,000 (about 36 million yen), is actually an idea invested on a TV program called American Money Tiger Shark Tank. This will allow you to train your surfing trunk in indoor, and will you see it in future fitness? I want to do a little. Here we explain how to use it in more detail. By the way, Mark Cuban also invests in the paddle board online sales shop, which was previously introduced in this article.
5 hours a day San Diego's SUP manufacturer was introduced Mark Cuban is enthusiastic about sports activities, such as being an American businessman and the owner of the NBA Team Dallas Marvelix.
As surfing becomes more common, there is a demand for urban areas that can easily train in urban areas, so I would like to pay attention to the future.

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