Cross -border EC support that can only be done because LA has an office [value of overseas offices]



February is in the middle, and in Japan, heavy snowfall and cold days continue due to intense cold waves. Please be careful about colds.

On the other hand, gO Ride's second office, LA Office, is a climate where you can walk in the city with short sleeves for lunch despite February.By the way, this LA office is the characteristic identity of Go Ride.

What do you think is for?



The answer is ...Because there is a need to have a LA office!




Well ... that's right ... that's right.LA offices exist because you can do what you can't do in a Japanese office.

In this article, thisWhat you can do because it is a LA officeI will explain about!

LA Survey and offline marketing can be done locally

Image byBettina NøRGAARD fromPixabay ​​

First oneI will introduce offline marketing.

Among the clients we support"I want to sell things sold in Japan in the United States"There are many clients who think. But there is one wall thereDifference between American and Japanese culture and tastesis.

For example, even if you try to sell umbrellas on the West Coast of the United States, mainly in California, it is harder to sell compared to Japan. That's because the values ​​of Japan, which have an umbrella because it is raining, is not commonplace on the West Coast of the United States. By the way, they wear hood instead of piercing an umbrella.

In addition to this, matcha is surprisingly popular in the United States, and teriyaki is famous as Japanese food (I don't hear much about teriyaki shops in Japan).There are surprisingly a lot of information that can only be understood locally.

Members in the LA office live in the United States for a long time, so they are familiar with the United States, such as local information, trends, and Americans. The member isSelling survey at local LAYou can carry out questionnairesThat is one great strength.

In fact, in the past, our D2C brandSOL MATCHAAsMatcha productsI have you put it in a cafe called HIMARI CAFE in LA, and I have been subscribed to SNS and e -mail magazine instead of presenting products!

Held a pop -up event

Next, I would like to introduce the pop -up event.

Go Ride uses a share office called WE WORK as an office, and there are various companies in the shared department. Go Ride for themYou can open a pop -up in the WE WORK shared space!The people who work are mainly Americans,You can directly receive the impressions and opinions of local people.

This photo isOur D2C brandSOL MATCHAThe matcha productIt is a state when the pop -up was implemented!

At this time, a sampling event for matcha latte was heldInvestigate local American awareness of matchaI was able to do!

It is also possible to increase American followers, such as following SNS followers and e -mail magazine registration during pop -ups. It is a great way to increase the number of first -mobile followers in developing business!


Content shooting using the LA landscape

Image byxiserge fromPixabay ​​

And the last one isContent shooting that makes full use of the LA landscapeis. Content photos have a very important role in determining the first impression of the product.

By using the LA landscape in such a shooting, you can enhance the splendor of the product.


For example, the above photos are the content photos of the matcha drink, but I signed up with a model locally and photographed LA's Point Dume State Beach in the background.

From this photo, you can imagine the taste that you can drink while exercising without being too sweet!

In addition to this, a variety of backgrounds, such as Melrose of Fashion and downtowns with buildings, are bags.You can take an American photo.

By the way, it's cool, but I don't know where to use this photo was also taken lol

Please leave it to the LA office!

So, in this article, I explained what I can do because it is a LA office!

As described above, Go Ride, which supports marketing from the construction of EC sitesTo have an overseas officeThere is a solid reason.

If you want to sell your own products to the United States, or are looking for a company that supports the cross -border EC, by all means.Please contact Go Ride, which has an office in the area!

Kento Okada

Go Ride Accounting Manager

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