[Cross -border EC] SHOPIFY Translation App VS Third Party Translation App (WEGLOT / Transcy)!

by Hajime Ozawa

Have you ever used Shopify and wanted a translation function? In particular, those who do business for cross -border ECs need a multilingual site. If you set a translation function on the site, you can reach other than those who understand Japanese. The needs of Japanese products are growing around the world, so let's make it a multilingual site and increase sales!

What is a translation function?

The translation function is the siteThere is a language switching selector, so it is possible for users to easily change to your favorite language. SHOPIFY can easily add functions and add functions, and some apps have an "automatic translation function". In this article, we will introduce the SHOPIFY official translation app and the third party (WEGLOT and Transcy) translation app!

Shopify translation app

Shopify Translate & Adapt Dashboard

SHOPIFY official translation app is here.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

The point of SHOPIFY's translation app!

  • free
  • Manually or automatically translation setting method
  • You can add two languages ​​in plus from the main language

Free app

First, this app is [free]. There are various translation apps besides SHOPIFY official, and there are cases where the functions are charged.

If you use a paid app, make sure that all the functions of the plan are needed before installation.

Manually or automatically translation setting method

Inside Shopify Translate & Adapt Translation App

There is a manual input or automatic translation function for the translation setting method.

For manual translation, for example, when the main language adds English in Japanese, there is a main language (Japanese) in the left column, and there is an additional language (English) in the right column. If you enter manually, you will enter the English column while watching the Japanese column.

Automatic translation uses Google Translate and is all Google translated by one click on the automatic translation button.

You can add two languages ​​in plus from the main language

Regarding the addition of two languages, you can add two in addition to Japanese, English + Korean (two trends) and the main language.

Third Party Translation App


WEGLOT Dashboard
Image from Shopify App Store (WEGLOT)


The point of the WEGLOT app!

  • Automatic translation function (automatic translation is slightly higher than Google Automatic translation)
  • Can be translated in various languages
  • Sub -domain can be set by language
  • Visual editor

Automatic translation function

Regarding the automatic translation function of WEGLOT, it is a native translation than the Google Translation used by the Shopify formula. It costs money, but it is also possible to order a "Professional Translation" service that can be used by WEGLOT staff instead of machine translation.

Can be translated in various languages

You can easily manually or automatically translate more than 100 languages ​​without any specialized knowledge. According to the official website, many major companies use it and are a trusted translation app.

Sub -domain can be set by language

You can change the language smoothly with a language switcher,

For example, Japanese domains and English can be divided into English domains.

Since the URL is switched, there is a disadvantage that the site page is "refreshed", but the URL changes depending on the language, so there are advantages of SEO.

Visual editor

Visual Editor
You can translate while looking at the site!

When performing manual translation, WEGLOT has a row by language like the SHOPIFY official translation app, and there is a method of manually entering while looking at the main language, but it is called "Visual Editor", while looking at the actual site screen. There is a function that can easily change the text ( * Please note that the visual editor cannot be used if the password lock is applied to the site loan).

Transcy: ai Language Translate

Image from Shopify App Store


Regarding Transcy, the evaluation is so high!

⭐️4.9 Number of reviews: 5,177

Transcy has an AI automatic translation function and can convert real -time currency.

The point of the Transcy app!

  • AI translation is unlimited number of characters. Manual translation is also possible.
  • Real -time currency conversion
  • Image translation function: You can set images of each translation language.
  • The Geolocation function shows the user's access location, and the product price in the currency is displayed.
  • 24 -hour support

AI translation is unlimited

Transcy contains more than 100 languages, and you can immediately set the store automatic translation with Google Translation and SHOPIFY translation native API. AI translation is unlimited even in a free plan.

Also, manual translation is also possible like a WEGLOT/SHOPIFY standard app.

Image from Shopify App Store

Real -time currency conversion

Transcy is not only language but also currency. There is also a setting that automatically updates the rate. In addition, you can install a currency switcher for user switching.

Image translation function

Images can also be set according to the language. I don't think this is the strength of Transcy, not in other SHOPIFY apps. Like text translation, there is an image setting page (image list), for example, in French, you can upload images for French.

Image from Shopify App Store


If you want to add a translation function without cost, we recommend the SHOPIFY official translation app for Google Automatic Translation.

It costs a monthly (or annual) cost, but we recommend WEGLOT if you want a DEEPL automatic translation function that is slightly higher than Google translation using various translation functions and services. Transcy is not a DEEPL, but a Google translation, but the price is cheaper than WEGLOT, and the currency setting function and translation are set.

App merit Demerit
  • free
  • Shopify official
  • It can be easily translated without programming knowledge
  • Automatic translation is Google Translation
  • Translation is not perfect for languages ​​that are not supported
  • Visual Editor
  • Subdomain setting can be set
  • Automatic translation of DEEPL
  • Compatible with all theme apps is ensured
  • It can be easily translated without programming knowledge
  • Monthly/annual cost (free trial period available)
  • AI translation is unlimited
  • Real -time currency conversion
  • Image translation function
  • 24 -hour support
  • Leave the free plan to all the basic app AI (unless you pay for it)
  • The image setting function cannot be used unless it is the Growth plan ($ 29.90) in the middle.
  • You cannot set multiple languages ​​unless it is a Growth plan


Are you thinking about the translation function, but are you worried about "I don't know how to set it!" "I want to ask someone for manual translation work!"

We will consult and support your worries, so please feel free to contact us!


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