Credit card JACCS CM Surfish to Bali

I was able to see the commercials of the surf lip in the CM of the JACCS card. This time, the style of moving to Bali and moving points every day with the surf lip Credit cards that have become an absolutely indispensable item for the surf lips can this be the support of the surfer? I sympathized where I wanted my own richness with a credit card. ======= The following excerpts ============================================================== I'mine when Short movie "MY FAVORITE" ~ Short movie depicting people who shop like, which leads to the richness of the mind and the richness of life ~ "Surftrip" A 19 -year -old Japanese woman who loves surfing seeks "unbearable waves" To the longing surfing sacred place, Indonesia, Bali. While experiencing a once -in -a -lifetime chance, such as interacting with local people, foreign culture, etc. Total travel distance of over 150 km, surfing hours over 24 hours, "Airport Leaf" Visit 5 surf points, "Rembongan Island", "Kuta", "Ulwat" and "Congoo" A dense surf lip for 4 days. A “selfish shopping” that leads to the richness of the heart and the richness of life. It is also a video with the message that you want to support and support.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.