Color beach life! Japanese Surfer Instagrammer

Masatoshi ohno You can see the valuable offshot Masatoshi Ohno, a wavy rider's man.
Masato yukawa Appeared in Terrace House seems to have been active as a DJ recently.

????? #MASATOYUKAWA #AirReverse @lostsurfboardsjapan @carbonwraptechNology #surfing #surf

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Noro Reika You can feel like traveling just by looking at how you move around the world.

Whale Shark?

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Sara Wakita He is from Hawaii, but recently he often participates in competitions in Japan.

Beautiful Views and Good Waves here in Miyazaki? @Volcomjapan #Volcomjapan #BlueEecostem

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Asako mizuno I guess there are many girls who like and check fashion from Shonan.


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Naki surf It has been transmitted mainly in the beach style of California. There are many impressive photos and it is easy to remember.

Good day. @Kyrmaland

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DAIKI ito The number of windsurfer expeditions that are familiar in the terrace house is amazing. I'm wondering how to sponsor it.

CRUISING?⚓️⛵️Newcaledonia #cruise #Boat #heaven

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