CLOUD BREAK @ FIJI's perfect waves and dangers

This year, Fiji Pro opens Women's, but Besany Hamilton defeated Stephanie Gilmore and Tyler Light and became a hot topic in third place. I would like to approach this perfect wave. This Cloud Break (Cloud Break) is located off the outer leaf off the coast of Tavarua Island in Fiji (Fiji), and is pointed by boat access. SCREEN SHOT 2016-06-05 at 4.43.37 PM SCREEN SHOT 2016-06-05 at 4.44.03 PM Tavarua-Island It's a small island that makes you laugh. As the Tatiana Weston Webb explains in the video here, the characteristics of the break are very good. A perfect machine wave that can be applied in various ways with a rippable, a perfect square barrel (a more excavated, large square barrel with a larger space), and a long -riding machine wave. It can be called Surfer's Dream. And the biggest danger is that Jordy Smith in this inside leaf video is Duck Dive (dolphin through), but it touches the bottom by hand. yes. The soup is approaching so dolphins SCREEN SHOT 2016-06-05 at 4.59.55 PM SCREEN SHOT 2016-06-05 at 5.00.34 PM And this water depth! Shallow .. Too shallow .. Isn't it as good as a peach? Probably a row tide ... I have never surfed Cloud Break, but in terms of image, Punta Mujurs in Red -Tide's Canary Island (Break that appears only on the right of the corner at the back of the corner). I think it is close to shallow.
Is it about 30 cm depth of Race Track? Is it about 30 cm depth of Race Track?
Looking at the cloud break from the front, there was no imaging image so much, but in the video from this side, you can see how the waves dig up. Even Kelly makes a mistake in dropping and makes the board become mappy. However, it is terrible if you think that if you get caught in the inside in such a size ... It seems that it was 20ft + on this day. By the way, the intense riding of Kohl Cristensen was the most memorable. Cloud break that I want to go someday. Did you join your trip candidate? Speaking of which, there was such a dream -like project before, and it would have been fun. Curtive event is a charity event where you can win a lottery with Kelly Slater and Shadrian to Fiji!

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