[Car Wash] If you wash your car, a rainy day! Discount rate 50%

After enjoying camping and outdoors during consecutive holidays, the car gets dirty. In fact, many AUTOBACS have a lot of discounts on car washing on rainy days. The discount rate is not uniform, so please contact the store directly. By the way, the other day, when I washed the car at the Minato Mirai Super Auto Bucks store in Yokohama, it was 50%discount. My car is L size, but 3600 yen is 1800 yen! It is an exceptional price. So if you have time on a rainy day, please use it. Minato Mirai Super AUTOBACS
On rainy days, we offer "Water -repellent coat car wash" at a great price!
■ Light We usually offer $ 1,944 at a great price.
■ SS_ We usually offer $ 2,160 at a great price.
■ S We usually offer $ 2,484 at a great price.
■ M We usually offer $ 3,024 at a great price.
■ L We usually offer $ 3,564 at a great price.
■ LL We usually offer $ 4,104 at a great price.
AUTOBACS   Click here for the store list By the way, the top image is a commercial of an American hamburger chain called CARLS JR. Appearance is Paris Hilton. Sexy car wash.

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