Camp in Asagiri JAM 2016 @ Asagiri Arena, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture

2016October 8th (soil) The 9th (Day) Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya City Asagiri Arena Official site "Asagiri Jam is a venue in the Asagiri Kogen, located at an altitude of 900m above the west foot of the World Cultural Heritage" Mt. Fuji ". A moment when the mind and body are released under the clear autumn sky, looking up at the magnificent Mt. Fuji. "" It will be an outdoor camp festival in a very open location. Introducing the venue on Instagram

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I think that Asagiri JAM is a lot of fun events on other sites, so I would like to focus on access information here.


This festival has a lot of access by car, especially in the outdoor festival, and it seems that complaints are increasing due to illegal parking and manners violations that have passed the time of parking. !More information is here Tour busEven though it is operating, I want to have a lot of camping tools, and it is convenient to access by car.

Parking ticket

A parking ticket outside the venue costs 8000 yen for an auto camp parking ticket outside the area, so I would like to split it with Ainori! By the way, you can't buy a parking ticket unless you have two or more people sweat! Bocchi people will also resolve the traffic congestion in the parking lot, so come by all means Go RidePlease register! MADOKA BUS3

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