[BUBBLE RUN] Makuhari Agiran in Makuhari

9/26,27 daysThe BUBBLE RUN event will be held at Makuhari Seaside Park. Bubble run It seems that the foam event has been completely established and has gained citizenship. At the same time, an outdoor foam party seems to be held. The entrance fee seems to be rainy weather as follows. ・ Premier entry 7,500 yen (July 9 -July 13) * 2,000 people with bubble run original sunglasses ・ Early discount entry 6,500 yen (July 9 -July 13) ・ Normal entry 7,200 yen (July 14th to August 31st) Check the following for the schedule
schedule (schedule) Reception start / venue 10: 00 ~ * Please accept the accepted wave time in time. * Even customers who participate in any wave can enter at 10:00 Wave Start method Lance time time Wave ① 11:00 Premier entry frame Wave ② 11:20 Wave ③ 11:40 Wave ④ 12:00 Wave ⑤ 13:20 Wave ⑥ 13:40 Wave ⑦ 14:00 Wave ⑧ 14:20
Customers who entered in Wave7 (14:00) Wave8 (14:20) can also run on WAVE6 (13:40). * Of course, it is also possible to run on the course within WAVE7 (14:00) WAVE8 (14:20).
Outdoor foam party 11:30~15:40
The distance you enter is 3 km, so you can participate quite easily. Why don't you try the first foam ran this weekend?

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