[Bookstore where you can stay] Hostel Book and Bed Tokyo @ Ikebukuro


A bookstore where you can stay will open soon!

Foreign tourists based on the concept of "bookstore where you can stay" and a hostel for domestic travelers "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" are scheduled to be pre -opened at the end of September, but the schedule is currently open. But it seems certain that it will open in the fall.
Book and Bed 2
Along with the Ale Store, which operates the stylish individual real estate information site R-Store, Suppose Design Office led by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida, Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers is in charge of the book selection. "The moment of sleeping" The concept is to provide it. Book and Bed 3 In the daytime, ordinary people other than guests will be able to use it as a normal lounge. Book and Bed Entrance Entrance image If you have traveled overseas with a backpack, you'll know, but there are many bookshelves on the hostel and I'm looking forward to reading books there. If you read a book that was left by the previous person, or when you have a little time, you can make your trip very tasty. A hostel who is looking forward to the opening, even if you are not a traveler, I would like to go to Ikebukuro when you missed the last train or stay.

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