[BFCM just before webinar! ] Service failed in pre -sale? Tips and taboos of the EC year -end sales of EC to learn from the case

by Chihiro Kusazaki
Finally in time for the year -end sales! This is the announcement of Go Ride Webinar. There are many EC representatives who are planning to focus on ECs most at the time of black Friday Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM), Christmas, and year -end sales this year, as it is the sales period of Corona. it might be. Whether or not to succeed during the sales period is the key to careful preparation in advance! So, in this webinar, As a SHOPIFY expert, a digital marketing person in charge of Go Ride, who has supported the cross -border EC of various brands, will introduce tips and taboos during the sales period, including specific cases, from the experiences so far. The latest trends of the American merchant battle, unique to GO Ride, based in LA, are also a must. Annual year -end sales period. Would you like to end in 2021, the best? We look forward to your participation. Seminar applicationHerefrom!

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