[BFCM] Big chance to get the biggest sales! ! 2020 edition

by Hajime Ozawa
BFCM big chance to get the biggest sales! !
This year's BFCM (Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday) is from November 27 to November 30. Last year, during the BFCM period, SHOPIFY has achieved a total of over $ 1.5 billion. It is a big chance to get the largest sales of the year, not only in the United States but also by people around the world.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) in the United States. This year is November 27, the start date of the holiday season, the most shopping of the year. It is a day when department stores, supermarkets, etc. make a significant discount, and it is a festival that shops shopping with family.

What is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday is the Monday the day after Thanksgiving in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). This year, on November 30, it is similar to Black Friday, but it is not a real store but a year -end sales at an online shop. It is a day when people who have returned from work can calm down and shop on PCs and mobile at home.

About the consumption of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday last year

The consumption of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday last year (2019):
Black Friday:$7,400,000,000
Cyber ​​Monday:$9,200,000,000

2013-2019 Black Friday consumption

2013-2019 Cyber ​​Monday consumption

According to SPENDMENOT, Adobe and NRF, which analyze the economic situation in the United States, 2019 is in 2019.

Black Friday Consumer:93,200,000 people
Cyber ​​Monday Consumer:83,300,000 people
total:176, 500,000 people(2018: 165,800,000)

Also, during the BFCM period of 2019:

    • Approximately 30%of US consumption consumption is Black Friday ~ Christmas (Holiday Season)
    • In Black Friday, 40% of consumers are shopping online (expected 61% in 2020)
    • Millennials were most consumed among consumers
    • Average: $ 509.50 (Black Friday only) ($ 382.4 in 2018)

And 42%of Cyber ​​Week (Thanksgiving ~ Cyber ​​Monday)mobilePurchase in (49 % including tablet). Especially this year, it can be expected that sales in mobile shopping, including Black Friday, will increase this year.

Among the years, the percentage of sales in the BFCM period

2019 among the annual consumption of the United States30%Consumption is concentrated on Black Friday ~ Christmas (about one month of Holiday Season).


In 2019, about 40%online consumption was expected, but in 2020 it is 61%.

2018-Comparison in 2019 (Cyber ​​Week): Cyber ​​Monday

Increase in Gross MerChandise Value 2018-2019

Day                           Increase rate ( %)



Black Friday


Small Business Saturday




Cyber ​​Monday


Increase in AVERAGE ORDER VALUE (average order amount) 2018 -2019 comparison

DAY increase rate ( %)



Black Friday


Small Business Saturday




Cyber ​​Monday


Average order amount for black friday

(The numerical value is a slight increase, but these small changes are equivalent to millions of dollars.)

If you look at this table, you can see the difference between AOV last year and AOV during the Black Friday period. After all Black Friday is a shopping festival.

Also, comparing Black Friday's first buyer with the first buyer on a regular day:
Average order amount for black friday

Black Friday customers have many first buyers. So it's a promotion and marketing, so it's a chance to change the customer to a repeater.

About value vitality

In Black Friday, it seems that about 30-40% tends to be preferred. However, more drastically discounts are more likely to be sold out of about 20-30% without any particularly necessary.

(Black Friday --Christmas and New Years)

SiteWide: 27.12% (Discount on the entire site)
Free Shipping: 18.14%    (free shipping)
SELECTED SKUS: 15.25%(discount for specific products)
Free Gift (S): 7.12% (Free gift)
None: 25.25%(no offer)

Discount rate distribution

The left is the Direct to Consumer Brand on the right side of the IR 500 (Internet Top Retailer 500) SiteWide discount rate.

Discount rate distribution
Discount rate distribution part 2

You can see that the so -called Enterprise large company E -commerce site tends to have a higher discount rate. (There are many sites with a discount rate of 50-55%)

Consumers (about once or repeaters)

As you may have read Black Friday customers whether there are many customers who purchase once or if there are many customers who become repeaters after Black Friday,

It seems that 22 % of customers of 10,000 customers once purchased will be repeaters. (2200 people)

  • If AOV is $ 50 = $ 187,000 income opportunity
  • If AOV is $ 100 = $ 374,000 income opportunity

☆60 % of the second purchase will occur within 100 days from the first purchase (Black Friday).


Summary of BFCM survey

Black Friday ~ Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) is a period that can be expected to improve sales, and the consumption rate of the US as a whole is increased every year. Especially this year, due to the influence of Corona, the number of online shopping is increasing, so this year's consumption rate is expected to increase more than last year.

In addition, merchant is increasing sales for various measures. For example, there are merchants who have successfully improved sales by installing a countdown center function on the site sale, and mobile shopping is increasing, so launch a solid mobile site and send a report to customers at SMS. I'm doing it. Also, although it was written on various sites, there are many companies that have started reporting on sale, actual BFCM sale early, and have succeeded in BFCM. Plan it for the BFCM period so that you do not lose to other merchant or rivals, and start a sale as soon as possible!

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    • Sale Cycle -US BLACK FRIDAY ONLINE SALES 2013-2019 Graph
    • Sale Cycle -US Cyber ​​Monday Friday Online Sales 2013-2019 Graph
    • SpendMenot -Black Friday consumer, Cyber ​​Monday consumer
    • BIGCOMMERCE - Gross Merchandise Value (total distribution trading)increase of2018-2019 comparisonAnd AVERAGE ORDER VALUE (average order amount) increase 2018 -2019 comparison
    • Edited -About value vitality

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