[BFCM] Advertising operation that unravels from past trends TIPS

by Toyo Hirashima
Holiday season accounts for about 30% of annual consumption in the United States. It starts with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday in the latter half of November, and Holiday ends at the end of the year. The BFCM, which is said to be the best mountain in Holiday Season, is approaching soon.

Of course, we also have various measures for the client, but here we have California's SHOPIFY AGENCY, Common Thread Collective blog contentI would like to summarize the main points. It explains the contents of the advertising budget of about 700 million yen with a Client advertising budget for about 700 million yen for Facebook ADS.

I realized that the timing of the announcement, which I thought was ideal, is more effective now.
Is the common sense so far different now? Please refer to it.

1. Conversion Rate (during the BFCM period)

During the BFCM period, CVR rose to about 5.6%, about twice as much as the BFCM period.

As of 2017, it will be information, but for a merchant with annual sales of $ 10m or more (about 1 billion yen), "Facebook" was the most effective channel for acquiring new customer acquisition as an advertising operation platform during the holiday period. There is a report.
Survey of Online ONLINESSES Operating at or ABOVE $ 10 Million in Annual Revenue

Naturally, the CPM rises rapidly because the budget of ADS is intensively performed during the holiday period.

2. CPM changes

2017 CPM on Facebook During Black Friday and Q4
During the BFCM period, the peak is peaked and the CPM rises by about 200% compared to flat times.

3. Jump up CPC

2017 CPC on Facebook During Black Friday and Q4
The CPC also rises about 140%. In addition to the advertising display unit price and click unit price, the AVERAGE ORDER VALUE itself does not rise to that much.

4.Aov (AVERAGE ORDER VALUE) Average customer unit price

By the way, there is a global data because BFCM is sold in Europe and Asia, not only in the United States.

2017 28-Day Black Friday Facebook AD Roas CLICK-O only Attraction

If you look at the ROAS in the click calculation, the click ROAS will drop significantly during the BFCM period (you can see that the unit price is rising).

One week before the BFCM period, you can see the trend of CVR ROAS, which is actually a bonus time. In other words, the traffic before BFCM has been operated in a logic that can maximize profits during the holiday period by starting advertising operation four weeks ago at a cheap price. It was reluctant to advertisements more than a week ago, but it was valid four weeks ago.

5. Maintain AOV AVERAGE ORDER VALUE in Bundle combination sale

Black Friday Gift Bundle Option 1
During the BFCM and Holiday period, many brands will discount the entire site. Even so, as one of the measures they took to maintain AOV, if you purchase a high -end wallet (men's) of around $ 200, you can buy a regular price of $ 50 and leather coasters. rice field.


V X CVR X AOV = $ Customers X CVR x Customer Average unit price = Sales
Basically, it doesn't change.

V (Visitors): During the BFCM period, advertising costs will rise on the blue ceiling, so prepare for 4 weeks ago and prepare a cheap traffic.

CVR (Conversion Rate): If you announce it four weeks ago, you may initially think that CVR may look bad, but it is a late index, so let's step on it without worrying. Sales also improve over time.

AOV (AVERAGE ORDER VALUE): Provide the customer with the maximum discount on the bundle. Show those discounts before BFCM in advance in advance and open them at BFCM.

that's all. In the United States, which summarizes only the main points by biting, 30% of consumption per year is concentrated on a one -month holiday from BFCM. If you would like BFCM measures, please contact usHerefrom

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