Autumn is the best! 16 selections of terrace seats near Tokyo

This time is not too hot, the most pleasant terrace seat is the best time! Introducing restaurants/cafes near Tokyo Source: Each restaurant HP

1.Two Rooms GRILL BAR

If you go by car in Aoyama by car, there is no parking fee service, so you need to be careful. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-22 at 9.50.12 AM

2.T.Y Harbor

The classic restaurant Brue Walery, located a little away from the station, is also installed in the restaurant, so you can enjoy various craft beers. Barrett parking is 1000 yen/day, so it is easy to go by car. In the case of a train, there is a distance from the station, so it tends to be a taxi. T.Y Harbor Ty Craft Beer


Yokohama is opposite Yamashita Park, and you can enjoy BBQ and pasta while looking at the sea There is a parking ticket service for the partner parking lot in Yamashita Park. Bund Terrace

4.  Bulgara La Terraza Lounge(BVLGARI LA TERRAZZA LOUNGE)

In Ginza, in Ginza, it is perfect for a cafe refugee on the roof of the roof of the Bulgarville in Ginza. There is no parking lot, so the Ginza basement parking lot is a common stone BLGV

5.Royal Garden Cafe

You can eat a cafe lunch at Gaien -mae and have a relaxed space, and you can use the next Jingumae parking lot for 2 hours for 2 hours for 2 hours for parking lots that are quite open in Tokyo. Click here for details,You can save money in a cafe or restaurant with parking services in Shibuya, Aoyama, and Omotesando. Royal Garden Cafe

6.Marcer Cafe Terrace House(Mercer Cafe Terrace House)

Mercer Cafe Impression that you often see popular girls' associations for girls with good views in Aoyama, with good views. There is no parking lot, so it may be better to use the Jingumae parking lot attached to Sea Eye Plaza or Royal Garden Cafe.

7.Veranda lounge & champagnever

Unfortunately, it will be closed for renovation in September 2016 Veranda

8. Iveprace(Ivy Place)

Ideal for lunch using a restaurant parking lot in Daikanyama T -SITE, which is wide and easy to stop Ivy Place


A wonderful atmosphere even after moving to CICADA Omotesando, which was originally in Nishi -Azabu I'm sorry that there is no parking CICADA TERRACE

Yokohama area

10. Cafe 88

It is at the intersection right after leaving the station of Motomachi Chinatown, but it is located on the road from the shopping street, so it is rarely crowded. On a sunny day, you can enjoy the terrace feeling even if you are in the store to fully open the entrance of the large window. Terrace seats with delicious homemade lemon kash can be accompanied by pet. cafe 881

11.Star Light Cafe

Yokohama is an open -minded French restaurant on the second floor of the back of the back of the shopping street in Motomachi. Coin parking in the neighborhood SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-23 at 9.08.13 AMSCREEN SHOT 2015-09-23 at 9.08.01 AM

Shonan area

12.Southern Beach Cafe (SoutherN-Beach Cafe)

The chigasaki sea is a secret cafe, and the terrace seats are open, making it open. I often have a second party for a wedding at night, so it is recommended to check in advance before going. The affiliated coin parking is right behind.

13.Bills Shichirigahama (Bills)

BILLS, which has been renovated and has a wide store and beautiful Bills I personally think that the taste is the most delicious in Japan. Of course, the atmosphere is the best. However, in the summer, it will be a large line at the same time as opening, so it is recommended to go at 8:00 in the morning. The parking lot is high in the summer without the upper limit

14.Ron Herman Cafe Zushi Marina(Ron Harman Cafe)

Open Cafe, where you can see the sea in Zushi Marina, seems to have prepared special seats on the deck at the Kamakura Fireworks Festival in July.

15.Pacific Drive-in(Pacific drive -in)

You can buy cafes and coffee in the parking lot of Shichirigahama and see the sea from the embankment.
Of course, there are terrace seats, so you can relax.

16.Diego by the River(Diego by the River)

It may be difficult for the first cafe restaurant in the Enoshima area to understand the location. There is a partner parking lot. It may be better to make a reservation on the terrace seats in the season. The atmosphere is also good.

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