Autumn festival is enriched 2017 Music Festival Jazz Festival Outdoor Festival Special

by Tomoe Onishi
Summer Sonic 2017 ended with Tokyo Osaka on both days, and many people have become a summer festival.

Samersoni, Fuji Rock, Rockin Japan and famous festivals have ended, but the festival is not summer.

The jazz festival is the autumn of music.

The rock festival is also held in the fall, and there are still many royal road outdoor festivals.

Therefore, this time we will introduce the autumn festival, winter festival, jazz festival scheduled to be held from September 2017, mainly for large festivals!


Tokyo JAZZ Festival

Date 2017/9/1 to 3 (Sun) Venue NHK Hall/Yoyogi Park AND MORE official website
The largest jazz festival in Japan.

This year, expectations will increase by changing the area from Marunouchi to Shibuya.

The NHK Hall and Yoyogi Park are expected to hold stores, related stores, and events, and the whole Shibuya will be a festival!

Sendai Oto Festival

Date 2017/9/2 (Sat) to 3 (Sun) Hen venue, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Sekisui Heim Super Arena Official Site Artist: Sakanaction / Naoto Inti Remi / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu / Yuzu / OKAMOTO'S
SKY PerfecTV to revitalize Tohoku Sendai! And a music festival planned by Sendai City.

Unlike a circuit -shaped festival, which is a mixture of major artists from major, it is characterized by a long stage of a gorgeous artist.

Spasonic Groovin's Sound Fes

Date 2017/9/3 (Sun) Open venue, Niigata Prefecture Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture Tsukioka Calion Park Official Site Artist: Puffy / Kenichi Asai / Charan Po Lantern / Snao Hair / Yu Takahashi / Yabai T -shirt shop And More
A unique outdoor festival held at Tsukioka Onsen.

Elementary school students are free to enter and family -like. There is an accommodation plan on the day, so you can enjoy hot springs and festivals at the same time.

Nakasu jazz

Date 2017/9/8 (Fri) to 9 (Sat) Venue, Hakata -ku, Fukuoka Prefecture, Nakasu Official Site
A free street jazz festival centered on Nakashu, the eighth time this year.

You can also enjoy jazz live performances and performances at multiple venues while traveling around downtown and stalls.


Date 2017/9/9 (Sat) Hen venue Kawasaki Higashi Ogishima Higashi Park, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Special Venue Official Site Artist: BIGMAMA / THE BIRTHDAY / CINEMA STAFF / THE PILLOWS / Kyusoneka Kami / Saint Kamatari / Daoko T -shirt shop / DAOKO and MORE
An outdoor all night festival that you can enjoy all night. Since Samersoni in August, I think that the large all -night festival outside of the dance event is Baycamp. There are rainy weather and parking lots, so it is recommended to participate in the share! If you share a ride / ride shareGo Ride

Wind and rock potatoi party

Date 2017/9/9 (Sat) -10 (Sun) Open Venue, Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture Shirasaka Mori Sports Park/Inawashiro Outdoor Music Hall Official website ARTIST: Angry Hair / Maximam The Hormone / Okazaki Physical Education / 10-FEET / Sambo Master / Akira-kun / Seiji Kameda / Atsuya Furuta / And More
This festival is called the "village festival type rock festival".

With the live, potato boiled pot, campfire, liver trials, etc. are at a homely festival.

A lively performer also appeared, and there are baseball and rakugo.

It is a free village festival that you can enjoy without stretching your shoulders. I can't hide the surprise that Seiji Kameda and Atsuya Furuta are lined up.


Date 2017/9/9 (Sat) -10 (Sun) Venue 3-2-1 Wakasu, Koto-ku, Tokyo official website Artist: Indigo La End / Golden Bomber / Fuji Fabric / The Bawdies / Asian Kung-FU GENERATION / KANA-BOON
An outdoor festival held for the first time in about 10 years from the desire to expand it into various music, not just genre from topical artists to rock, pop, and idols.

Kishidan Expo

Date 2017/9/16 (Sat) to 17 (Sun) Open venue, Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture Sodegaura Seaside Park Official Site Artist: Kishidan / 10-FEET / Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra / DRAGON ASH / Hotei Torayasu / Maximum The Hormone / RIP SLYME / Okazaki Sports / Yasuyuki Okamura / Golden Bomber / SCANDAL / MIYAVI / Unicorn / Unicorn Arden and More
This is the fifth year of this year, the largest “Kishidan Expo” as a festival sponsored by the artist. Appearance is a variety of lineups that are comparable to large summer festivals, from large to topical artists, rock, hip -hop, and idols.

New Acoustic Camp

Date 2017/9/16 (Sat) to 17 (Sun) Hall in Tone -gun, Gunma Prefecture Mizukami Kogen Resort 200 Official Site Artist: EGO-WRAPPIN ' / Gotch / Hanaregumi / Hawaiian6 / Kimura Kaella / Love Psychedelico / Ohashi Trio / Stray Tenger And More
An outdoor festival where you can enjoy "mountains, camping, music" and the festival. There is an auto camp area in the venue, and BBQ is also possible in the allowed tent area. Workshops and festival rice are also substantial and you can enjoy various ways.

Ultra Japan

Date 2017/9/16 (Sat) -18 (Mon) Open venue TOKYO ODAIBA ULTRA PARK official website Artist: ALESSO / CARL COX / The CHAINSMOKERS / HARDWELL / JOSEPH CAPRIATI / SASHA & JOHN DIGWEED / SETH TOXLER / Steve Angello / Steve Angello / Steve Aoki / Tiës to and more
Ultra JAPAN, which became the leading EDM festival in Japan, is currently being held in various countries in various countries in the form of a 19 -year monster event in the United States. This year, LIVE STAGE has been added, upgrading from EDM fans to techno and house lovers.


Date 2017/9/23 (Sat) to 24 (Sun) Held Housing, Yokohama -shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Red Brick Park Special Stage Official Site
This year is an outdoor circuit -type jazz festival held for two days. The Oktoberfest is also held in the Yokohama Red Brick area, so you can enjoy night views and food at the same time in addition to music. Hiromi Uehara XEDMAR CASTANEDA duo, who also appeared in the home, will also participate!


Asagiri JAM

Date 2017/10/7 (Sat) to 8 (Sun) Open Venue Fuji Foot Asagiri Arena/Fomotopara Official Site Artist: Belle and Sebastian / Bicep / CARL CRAIG / D.A.N. / EGO-WRAPPIN ' / GARLAND Jeffreys / Jizue / Logic System / Noname / Saicobab / THEO PARRISH / T Xarango / UA / Wilko Johnson / Yogee New Waves and More
A synonymous festival of the autumn festival held by Fuji Rock sponsored by SMASH.

The schedule opens, but Fuji Rock's after -party.

Because there are two stages, there is no spicy or heat, and you can relax and enjoy in an open atmosphere at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
There is a booth for kids and pets can be accompanied.

Yokohama Jazz Promenade

Venue Yokohama Sakuragicho Station, Kannai Station Official Website
The largest street jazz festival in Japan, which has been held since 1993 and has about 100,000 people every year. In recent years, Blue Note Jazz Festival has been held in red bricks, and "Jazz City, Yokohama" has been established.

In addition to performing at the Hall Jazz Club, amateurs and professional musicians perform at various spots in the city, making it a festival that can be enjoyed even if you are not familiar with jazz.

Loud Park 17

Date 2017/10/14 (Sat) -15 (Sun) Hall Saitama Super Arena Official Site Artist: Slayer / Emperor / Alice Cooper / Anthem / Michael Schenker Fest / Gene Simmons Band / Apocalyptica / Loudness / Outrage and More
Japan's largest metal festival "Loud Park" will be held for two days on two stages this year. This is the 12th event. Unfortunately, it looks like BABYMETAL's Osaka performance and a round cover. Limp Bizkit has not been able to participate in LOUD PARK11, which was the headliner, but I think it is really wonderful to be able to hold the capacity this year without dropping the capacity again.

Nagisa Music Life 2017

Date 2017/10/21 (Sat) Venue Shiga Otsu City Nagisa Park Official Site Artist: Osamu Okino / Jabbererloop / Kei -MARU with Clayamakoto / NEIGHBORS COMPLAIN / Let's go to the sea on Wednesday
An outdoor festival held at Nagisa Park spread on the shores of Lake Biwa. You can experience the healing festival in the best location. On the day of the festival, "Aozora Yoga" is also planned.

Chums Camp 2017

Date 2017/10/28 (Sat) to October 29 (Sun) Open Yamanashi PICA Fujisako Official Site Artist: DJ Misashi Tou MC rice / Kenichiro Tanimoto and More
Chums Camp sponsored by chums, the second time this year. The concept is a bungalow cottage other than the "music, laughter, and food" tent site, and a workshop will be added. Compared to large festivals, this year's frame is waiting for cancellation, so we hope to hold it next year.


Saitama Rock Festival "sai"

Date 2017/11/23 (Thursday/holiday) venue Saitama Super Arena Official Site Artist: ACID MAN / ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION / The Hiatus / The Back Horn / Brahman / Man with a Mission / Radwimps / Dragon ash / 10-FEET / Stray Tenger
A rock festival hosted by ACID MAN for the first time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the formation. There is a connection with Acid Man and the participation of regulars regular bands has been announced.



Date 2017/12/28 (Thu) -2/31 (Sun) Date Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center 1-11 Hall, Event Hall Official Site
Japan's largest New Year's Eve Festival. It will be held for four days, and a gorgeous artist worthy of the year will appear.

In addition to this, various festivals are born every year, and there are many festivals that can be enjoyed from autumn to winter. In autumn, jazz festivals and jazz events are crowded, so why not participate in a street festival where you can easily participate?

GO RIDE is recommended for the associations and ride share to the festival venue!


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