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This season is coming again this year! Otobarfest will be held at the red brick warehouse in Yokohama Minato Mirai. At the venue, not only can you enjoy authentic German beer, but also a craft beer with deep richness, and flavorbar beer with fruits of fruit gained popularity, gaining the support of women, and it is crowded every year. The scale is also growing. It is such an Oktoberfes, but depending on the time of day, the parking lot is crowded, and you want to leave the venue. In such a case, we will introduce recommended exhibitions that can be appreciated in Yokohama! ◎"Tsai Kuni Strong Exhibition: Return"/ Yokohama Museum of Art Contemporary artists who are attracting worldwide attention nowTsai Country Strong. His work is a hot topic not only for flat works using gunpowder, including the high -shaped performance, but also for its own perspective. This time, "" Exhibition posters "Wall -friendlyIs a first public work, so let's check it out! <99E48555574C28B5102698C34B433946-700X466 (Exhibition:Girls Artalk) [Exhibition information] "Tsai Kuni Strong Exhibition: Return" Service: July 11, 2015 (Sat) -October 18th (Sun) Venue: Yokohama Museum of Art, Kanagawa Prefecture Time: 10: 00-18: 00 (September 16th, September 18 open until 20:00, admission is 30 minutes before the closing) Closed day: Thursday Fee: General 1,500 yen university / high school student 900 yen Junior high school student 600 yen * Elementary school and younger Access: 220-0012 Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 3-4-4-1 Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai Station 3 minutes walk via Markiz Makizo Mirai . Yokohama Museum of Art official website:http://yokohama.art.museum/index.html Tsai Kuni Strong Exhibition Special Site:http://yokohama.art.museum/special/2015/caiguoqiang/
Kazuo Ohno Festival 2015 / Bankart1929 This exhibition is recommended for those who do not know because art is difficult! "Dance", which is a physical expression, is on rhythm with a sense and can be enjoyed freely. This time will be heldKazuo Ohno Festival 2015Then, on the gentle theme of "Life and Dance", artists of Japan, France, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar will publish a dance work in the NYK space, and will also publish the production process. You can watch the public production for free. Why don't you stop by casually? kof2015_flyer (Exhibition:http://www.kazuoohnodancestudio.com/japanese/perform/) [Exhibition information] Service: October 3, 2015 (Sat) - October 25 (Sun) Venue: BANKART STUDIO NYK 3F and MINI Gallery 3-9 Kaigetori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 231-0002 Participating artists: Juwal Pick, Keito Ohno, Anitibodies, Kunotaro, Hiromi Tateishi, Julie Yarisoa (Madagascar), Alesandra Sortin (Zimbabwe) For more information about the program, see What's New on the homepage. http://bankart1929.com/archives/369 Why don't you enjoy festivals and art together in Yokohama this fall? Surely, you will be able to enjoy a fulfilling holiday and heal your mind and body! Sentence / Shin Ashiko

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