Alternative animal food is a boom in the United States! Vegan food charm


Today, I would like to introduce "alternative animal foods" where the boom is lit in the United States. There are many people who have heard but don't know the details. This time I will tell you the whole picture!

Alternative animal foods, also known as plant -based foods are things that reproduced traditional animal -derived foods with vegetable power. Recently, this has attracted a lot of attention not only for Vegan and vegetarians, but also for people with eco -consciousness. There are various types of alternative foods, such as meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, egg alternatives, and marine products. These can enjoy familiar dishes while minimizing the influence of animals.


What are alternative animal foods? Explain its charm and type

Alternative animal foods are, of course, the appearance, flavor, and texture, but the contents are 100%plant -based foods. And there are various things. Let's look at the specific examples.

1. Meat alternative:This can be used with the same feeling as meat. There are many things made using beans, cereals, nuts, and seeds, but the alternative meat made by a company called Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods is amazing. The texture and flavor are just like the real meat, and it is comparable to use it for hamburgers, tacos, or meat sauce!

2. Dairy products:This is typical of milk made from soybeans, almonds, oats (wheat), nut -based cheese, and vegetable oils based on vegetable oils. It is used in various places, such as using soy milk in cafe latte, using vegan cheese on pizza.

3. Egg alternative:This is a bit special, and there are scrambled eggs using tofu, jelly -like things that can be obtained by immersing flax and chia seeds in water. Also, the plant -based liquid eggs issued by a company called Just Egg are amazing. The appearance and usage are exactly the same as the real egg!

4. Sea products:There are also fishless fish slices and seafood alternatives made from seaweed, grains, and vegetables. You can enjoy seafood dishes such as sushi and paella in vegan style.

These alternative animal foods not only expand your meals but also to protect the global environment. So, for those who want to send an eco -life and those who want to enjoy a little change, these foods are very attractive!


What is an alternative animal food boom in the United States?

These alternative animal foods play a major role in considering the health of the earth, not just options. With the rise of consumers' awareness and new technology in recent years, plant -based foods are a big boom in the United States.

COACHELLA, the largest music festival in the United States, is particularly noticed!

Vegan Food trends found in Coachella

Compared to before, Vegan Food options have been significantly increased in Coachella. Many stores have been confirmed, from food vendors with rich alternative animal foods, luxury restaurants in Los Angeles to famous food trucks. So, what kind of vegan food is attracting attention?
I picked up some!

  • Cena Vegan: Vegan's Carnitas, Al Pasta, Carnet Assada, Polo Assard, Barbacore, Barbacore, Barbacore, and other britos and tacos.

  • Backyard Bowls: A specialty store of acai bowl and smoothie.

  • Lettuke Feast: A specialty store that offers plant -based chicken.

  • Maneatingplant: Asian bee gunfood track. In particular, garlic noodles cannot be overlooked.

  • VIBE ORGANIC KITCHEN: Gluten -free with complete vegan. Tacos and taco rice are popular.

  • MONTY'S GOODBURGER: Burger specialty store that offers Vegan Burger.

  • Ramen Hood: Vegan ramen specialty store. Provides a full -fledged taste.

  • All Dat Sim DumA small basket parcel and gyoza specialty store. It features a veg bread like a cloud packed with mushrooms and mixed vegetables.

What are the trends of alternative animal foods in the future?

These vegan foods symbolize the trend of alternative animal foods in the United States. Food trends are constantly evolving, and these foods are at the forefront.It is important to continue to pay attention to new food trends and understand how our diet will affect the environment and society, and how it can be improved.The boom of American alternative animal foods is likely to continue!

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