Also for beauty salons, training gyms, hotels! How to create a reservation site with SHOPIFY and recommended app information

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Create a rental reservation site using Shopify

You can use SHOPIFY online, but do you know that you can build a reservation site?

By using the app, you can build the following sites in SHOPIFY.

  • I want to build a hotel reservation and an event reservation site
  • I want to manage the schedule for reservations with SHOPIFY
  • I want to send a reminder to customers

Products that require a rental reservation site


There are various services such as riding share, location, bicycle and DVD rental.

You can use the SHOPIFY app to display the calendar to select the rental date and period. It is also possible to customize the notification and automate the rental contact.

Hotel, accommodation, travel

Customers can reserve a room through hotel reservation sites and apps.

You can create a reservation site with SHOPIFY without using Rakuten Travel or Airbnb!

Personal training

Trainers who provide personal training services need to be able to reserve a session. You can manage your customers and your schedule and create a reservation site on SHOPIFY!

Beauty salon / barber

When booking services such as hair cut, nail care, esthetics, etc., you may need a reservation function. You can implement the reservation function with SHOPIFY without using hot pepper beauty or Ozmall.

Reservation screen

What is the SHOPIFY reservation app "BTA: Appointment Booking App"?

"BTA: Appointment Booking App" is an app for SHOPIFY stores that can be reserved and scheduled with a calendar function.

BTA: Appointment Booking App

The main features of "BTA: Appointment Booking App" are as follows.

Seamless integration with SHOPIFY

Unlike third -party reservation services, BTA is installed directly on the SHOPIFY store. In other words, when a customer makes an order, BookThatapp automatically makes appropriate reservations.

Real -time update

BookThatApp is integrated with SHOPIFY, so it communicates directly with shop product pages and cart pages. Therefore, if there is a change in the reservation status (including new vacant seats due to cancellation), the reservation status will be updated in real time.

Mobile friendly

Complete mobile compatible. Reservations and calendars are also designed to be easy to see on smartphones.

Notification and reminder transmission

The app automatically sends reservations to confirm, change and cancel notifications to customers. You can also send reservations reminders. This allows customers to grasp the schedule without forgetting the reservation.

Management of customer information

There is a function to collect and save customer information. By managing customer contact information and reservation history, you can provide personalized services and marketing activities for customers.

Report and analysis

You can analyze information such as reservations, reservations type, customer trends, etc., and can be used to optimize the reservation process and formulate effective marketing strategies.

BTA: Appointment Booking App
BTA: Appointment Booking App

Price for SHOPIFY reservation application "BTA: Appointment Booking App"

There are four types of "BTA: Appointment Booking App" as follows. There is also a free plan, so it is possible to install it first!

Free plan $ 14/month plan $ 25/month plan $ 49.95/month plan
  • 5 reservations every month
  • 1 Staff account
  • 1 reservation type
  • Support POS
  • Reservation field
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • 50 reservations every month
  • 1 Staff account
  • 1 reservation type
  • Support POS
  • Reservation field
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • 150 reservations per month
  • 5 staff accounts
  • All reservation types
  • Operation on POS
  • Reservation field
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Reminder mail
  • Cancellation waiting list
  • Reservation of 750 per month
  • 10 Staff accounts
  • All functions of the standard plan
  • Deposit/Bond
  • Vacant search
  • BYO SMTP server
  • Delete branding


If you use the reservation app, you can create a reservation site with SHOPIFY without using an external reservation site!

If you use SHOPIFY FLOW, it seems that you can automate contact and support after booking and operate efficiently.

Go Ride also accept customizations that are difficult to achieve with apps!

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