[Admission Free] Earth Garden Summer 2016 @ Yoyogi Park


"More free organic"

Earth garden held every season based on the concept Earth Garden Summer Official Site Past article Earth Garden "Autumn" @Yoyogi Park October 24 (Sat) 25 (Sun) Live & talks on the outdoor stage, market areas rooted in eco -friendly and organic, food areas, etc. are lined up in Yoyogi Park, and a lifestyle proposal type festival is held every season. There is also a night market, so you can stop by after work. It seems to be fun to flutter while drinking beer on the way home from work while enjoying the atmosphere of early summer. Let's enjoy it at the early summer event! The summer Garden is the theme "Festival for Future", so it seems that you can enjoy the festival with a brighter feeling. Earth Garden2 Annual Instagram

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The parking lot is a dedicated parking lot for Yoyogi ParkThere is, but the number is recommended because the number is as small as 65. Standard-sized car 400 yen for 1 hour 200 yen every 30 minutes * Two -wheeled vehicles cannot be used. If Yoyogi Park is fullPublic parking lot in front of Shibuya Ward OfficeBut it looks good.
Division unit Daytime fee (8:00 to 24:00) Night fee (0:00 to 8:00)
weekday Every 30 minutes 260 yen 200 yen
Saturday and Sunday holidays 310 yen
New year holiday season 310 yen
You may be worried about this article You can save money in a cafe or restaurant with parking services in Shibuya, Aoyama, and Omotesando. After all, if you get on the eventGo Ride MADOKA BUS3

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