A suburb of the restaurant with [Valet Parking]

Do you know Valet Parking? At the entrance of the hotel, the staff will open and close the car door and move the car to the parking lot. And when we return, it is a service that brings a car from the parking lot and opens the door. It is a relatively common service in restaurants such as overseas steak houses, but it is found in Japan. But there are restaurants (mainly hotels) with Valet Parking near Tokyo. It is a service that makes you feel better when you want to be a little elegant or want to date. Many hotels can receive this bullet parking service for free or about 2000 yen when you have a parking ticket stamped when you eat at a restaurant. Here are some of the few outing spots in the suburbs of Tokyo, which have such a few Barrett parking. Hotels in Tokyo (Source is all hotel HP) Grand Hyatt Tokyo Grand Hyattt Mandarin Oriental Tokyo SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-17 at 11.43.07 AM Peninsula Tokyo Peninsula Tokyo Park Hyatt Tokyo Park Hyatt New York Bar Ritz -Carlton Tokyo RCTOKYO_00120_1280X720 Anders Tokyo Anders 4 Anders 3 Shangri -La Hotel Tokyo restaurant T.Y HARBOR BREWERYYou can get a baret for parking fee 1000 yen. T.Y Harbor

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