A must -see for EC staff who are worried about e -mail magazine distribution! E -mail marketing tool KLAVIYO is a good reason for sales up and customer acquisition

by Shopify API

I think there are many site operators who are working on email marketing,

"The number of members of the e -mail magazine does not go up as expected."
"I'm thinking of introducing email marketing tools, but I don't know what suits my company because it's too much."
"I don't know if an effective measure is being taken."

Do you have any problems?
What I would recommend to such peopleEmail marketing tool (MA tool)ofKLAVIYOis.

This time, I will explain why KLAVIYO is effective and easy to acquire customers, and can be done easily.

What is KLAVIYO?

KLAVIYOIt is an email marketing tool that has both email distribution and marketing functions.

It can be used in SHOPIFY, and it is characterized by being able to distribute personalized emails to the user's behavior on the site in conjunction with SHOPIFY's registered customer information, and e -mail distribution of segments.

The point is that the user is highly evaluated. Review evaluation is 4.3 and the number of reviews is 1468 reviews (as of January 2022), which is supported by many users. In addition, more than 265,000 stores around the world use KLAVIYO and it is easy to introduce the app itself, so it can be said to be a recommended tool.

For inquiries about the introduction of KLAVIYOHere

≫ Why KLAVIYO is recommended

  • Segment distribution is possible
  • Segment distribution is possible by attaching tags according to customer actions and status

  • No -code
  • There is no need to build from zero, just input and insert into each item of your favorite template.

  • Enriched analysis function
  • The best results of the A/B test campaign, links to predictive analysis, links to Google Analytics, and website tracking to grasp the visitors in real time.

  • Reliable support system
  • There is a help center, and consultation by email or chatbox is possible

  • Abundant cooperation with other services
  • There are services such as point programs, review apps, and membership programs

≫ Fee

What you can do with klaviyo

What you can do with KLAVIYO is mainly as follows.

  • Creating and distribution of e -mail magazines
  • Automatic email transmission according to the customer's site behavior flow
  • Automatic segment division of mailing list
  • Creating a customized segment
  • Effect measurement of email opening rate and click rate
  • E -mail magazine distribution on SMS
  • Creating a sign -up form
  • Synchronization with Facebook custom audience Such

Among the above, the one with a strong reputation as a characteristic of KLAVIYO is
"Automatic email transmission according to customer site behavior flow"and"Create customized segments"is.

In SHOPIFY, it can be linked to the registered customer information, so
"Customers who have a purchase history of 〇〇 yen or more, but do not purchase from specific product categories"
"Customers who opened emails in the last 30 days and visited the store"
You can create a complicated segment in a few minutes.

With these functions, ultimatelyRaise the purchase rate on the siteHe / she will support you.
KLAVIYOFor the right target, at the right time, the right contentIt can be said that it is good to send.
It is a very reliable support for site operators who want to increase sales!

Difference from other services

This time, I would like to introduce the difference between SHOPIFY EMAIL and MAILCHIMP about e -mail marketing tools.

≫ Shopify Email

The comparison between Shopify Email and KLAVIYO is as shown in the table below.


Next, the table when comparing MailChimp and KLAVIYO is as follows.

KLAVIYOCompared to SHOPIFY EMAIL and MailChimp, how was it?

The price may be cheaper for SHOPIFY EMAIL or MAILCHIMP,
Considering cost efficiency, Klaviyo tends to be higher.
KLAVIYO is recommended for those who want to increase the store sales in the long term and want to acquire customers.

Case: A monthly sales 26 % up by a basket drop -off e -mail

So far"Why do you recommend KLAVIYO?"I was telling you,
We have been working on many support for attracting customers on e -commerce sitesIn Go Ride,
Experience of helping you to introduce and operate KLAVIYOThere is.

If you are running the site, many people may have suffered from a basket falling?
The basket drop rate is said to be about 70 %, and it seems that many people are working hard to improve.

Some sites focusing on the basket drop, improving the contents of the email, performing A/B tests and optimized, increased monthly sales by 26 %.

One of the attractions of KLAVIYO is that by grasping customer behavior flows, the target can be automated and approached by focusing on the target.

Regarding the basket drop,HereI also recommend the article


In this article, we introduced KLAVIYO for site operators who are worried about email marketing.

KLAVIYO can download it for free and is a very competent app, but the localization of support is not yet advanced, and the operation of the management screen, including inquiries and settings on your own, is compatible with English. increase.
So, at Go Ride, you can use Japanese as a cross -border agency at Yokohama and LA, so if you have any problems, please contact us!

I will post an article about KLAVIYO in the future, so please look forward to it!

If you want to support customers specializing in EC sites and make repeaters, leave them to Go Ride!

Not only those who have been built and are considering a site on SHOPIFY, but also if you have any problems with advertising operation, site analysis, LP production, SNS operation, email marketing, etc. on e -commerce sites.Go RidePlease consult.


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