A groundbreaking idea on the sea garbage problem! Two Australian surfers invented

The Seabin Can Clean Up the OceanTHESE GENIUS "Seabins" Vacuum Garbage and Pollution Right Out of the Ocean Posted by Nowthis Future On Thursday, Decementer 31, 2015
A groundbreaking idea that cleans garbage such as the sea plastic has been announced. that name as wellSeabinUnder the name, clean the seawater like a tank in the aquarium. As you can see from the video, you can collect only garbage just by dropping a bucket with the net into the sea. The great thing is that only garbage and oil are taken out and clean water is returned to the sea, but fish etc. are not scratched. The two Australian surfers quit their jobs and worked on the project to complete this prototype over 10 years. Is the day you see in the Japanese sea? I want to expect it.

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