4 brands that have succeeded in the cross -border EC subscription business at SHOPIFY

by Chie Suzuki

A cross -border EC business using SHOPIFY, which is often consulted by GORIDE, who has an office in Yokohama and LA. In particular, in subscription -based business models, many brands have succeeded in the cross -border EC business. In this article, we will introduce four brands that have been successful in the cross -border EC subscription business using SHOPIFY.


Birchbox is a subscription -based business that offers beauty and cosmetics samples. Customers can pay monthly subscription fees and regularly receive beauty products. Birchbox has built online stores to make good use of SHOPIFY's flexibility and expandability, and provides personalized products based on customer profiles and preferences.

Here are some factors in the success of Birchbox's subscription business. First, SHOPIFY's simple and easy -to -use interface helps Birchbox to optimize the website for customer requests. Birchbox uses SHOPIFY's flexible customization function to provide personalized products based on customer preferences and profiles. This allows customers to easily obtain products tailored to individual needs.

In addition, Birchbox uses SHOPIFY's payment system to simplify customer payment processing. As a result, customers will not only gain smooth purchase experiences, but can easily track and manage Birchbox. In addition, Birchbox has improved the efficiency of product and inventory management by utilizing Shopify shipping and inventory management functions.

Dollar Shave Club

DOLLAR Shave Club is a subscription -based business for shaving products based in the United States. Customers regularly register as a subscription to receive new blades. Dollar Shave Club uses SHOPIFY to build an online store, centralizes customer subscription management, product orders, shipping, and payment processing.

Dollar Shave Club has enhanced the brand's name recognition by utilizing the effective marketing functions of Shopify. By making the most of the SHOPIFY SEO functions, Dollar Shave Club has achieved the highest ranking of search engines with related keywords and succeeded in acquiring new customers. Dollar Shave Club also uses SHOPIFY's excellent customer management function to analyze customer data and develop personalized marketing campaigns. As a result, Dollar Shave Club enhances customer royalty and secures continuous revenue.


GRAZE is a business based in the UK's Health Nack subscription -based business. If you apply for a subscription on the website, you can receive a regularly reaching Helcothernack box. They use the SHOPIFY platform to build an online store and efficiently manage processes such as customer orders, payments, and shipping.

Graze has expanded its business by introducing various apps from SHOPIFY's abundant app stores. For example, Graze uses Product Options, one of the SHOPIFY apps, to provide customized products based on customer preferences. In addition, Graze uses the ABANDONED CART RECOVERY of the SHOPIFY application to recover the abandoned carts and maximize profits. These apps provide a product lineup tailored to the needs of customers, which helps Graze to maximize sales.


SPREZZABOX is a subscription -based business that provides accessories and styling items for men. Customers can pay a certain fee every month and receive regular customized accessory boxes. SPREZZABOX uses SHOPIFY to build an online store and select products based on customer preferences and styles.

SPREZZABOX offers a user -friendly mobile experience using SHOPIFY's mobile -friendly design templates. This provides an environment where customers can easily place orders from mobile devices and increase customer engagement and sales. SPREZZABOX also uses Customer Loyalty, a SHOPIFY retention tool, to enhance customer loyalty and ensure continuous profits.


Even in the sub -clibotion business using the same SHOPIFY, the width of the product and the approach to the customer are interesting and interesting. The four brands introduced this time have been providing personalized experiences to meet customer needs, utilizing the excellent functions of SHOPIFY. The ease of use, flexibility, and expandability of SHOPIFY is an essential factor for these brands to achieve over -border growth and success.

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