[2nd] What is the natural feature on a Japanese EC site, what about SHOPIFY?


"Is it possible to add functions often found in Japanese EC when building an EC site with overseas platform SHOPIFY?"
In the previous Go Ride News, I asked our designer Onishi various questions.

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But there are still many things I want to hear!
So the second! I will ask Mr. Onishi again.

1. Sales ranking

I want to put the sales ranking on the top screen!

SHOPIFY has a function to group products in the store called "Collection" under various conditions.

Reference: Thorough explanation of SHOPIFY collection!

The grouped collection can also specify the display order of the product, and can sort in the order of sales.
Most SHOPIY templates can call any collection to the top of the store, so you can easily display the ranking.

It's a bit detailed, but is the ranking in order of money? Or is it in order of selling?

The ranking function provided by SHOPIFY is a ranking in order of selling points!

2. Review function

Can I attach a review function?
As with myself, I want to add this function because if you have a review, you can buy a product with confidence!

Certainly, the quality and number of reviews can lead to purchase.
Product ReviewsThere is a free appSo you can quickly introduce it to any store!
It can be evaluated in 5 stages that are familiar in Japan.

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3. Chat bot

Is the chat bot function attached?
I hope we can respond smoothly to a small customer inquiry.

There are various chat services, but if you want to try it for the time being, a free application that is supported through Facebook messenger.
Facebook Messenger ‑ Live Chat Is the most recommended.

You can introduce a chat bot function that automatically reply 24 hours a day.

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4. Reservation sale

I want to make a reservation.

PRE‑ORDER ManagerIf you use this app
You can add a button instead of a button.
Customers can make a reservation in the same way as regular orders.
It is also possible to automatically change the out -of -stock product to a reserved product.

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5. Inventory linkage with the store

I want to link it in real time with the store's stock.

SHOPIFY has a POS linked system!

POS = A system that acquire and manage information and data when the product is actually sold

It supports iOS and Android devices, and by downloading to a terminal, products sold at actual stores are automatically drawn fromline and the sales amount is added automatically.

What if it is better to manage it separately from the store sales?
Even if it is POP UP, I would like to divide it into a POP UP sales price.

The report is different for online sales and POS sales.
To support credit card payments, a mobile terminal payment service must be used together with SHOPIFY POS.

To collaborate with a full -fledged store, hardware such as barcode scanners and receipt printers is required,
For example, if it is a pop storeYou can open a store only with mobile terminals and stock productsThat's it.

6. Display of related products

I want to display related products on the product page.There were quite a lot of things to sell from here.
It is a function like "products that people who have seen this product are checking" or "related products"!

SHOPIFY has a store that sells a free -paid store design template called SHOPIFY THEME, and most of the templates handled here are almost defaulted.
hereYou can check the list of theme that corresponds.

You can also use the app if you display more personalized recommended products.

7. Favorite registration, restock notification

I want my favorite registration!
A function that allows you to see your favorite list when you log in, or to inform you in the e -mail magazine when the price drops.

Favorites list (wish list) is important for stores with many products.
In Japan, you can always see it in major EC malls and stores.

There is a lot of apps yesterday, where there is demand overseas, so I feel like I will introduce which one to introduce.
You can send a personalized email based on your activity, so
We do not have a sales opportunity after the customer has been put in his favorite.

By all means, restocking notification. 。 。

Restock notifications can be made with the same app!

E -mail marketing appKLAVIYOIt seems that it can be integrated! I will explain KLAVIYO in detail again.

thank you!
If you want to ask again, please!

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What did you think?
As a result of asking various things, in most cases, various functions that are often seen on Japanese EC sites can be solved by inserting apps, so if you are thinking about launching or renewing EC sites, please put SHOPIFY as a candidate. Please!

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If you are interested in EC site at SHOPIFY, please feel free to contact us.

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