28 EC terms often used in the industry.


As the spread of the new colonavirus infection (COVID‑19) has increased the number of self -restraint to go out, the number of opportunities to purchase things on the Internet in addition to purchasing at stores has increased in recent years. I guess there are many people. For that reason, on the Internet and SNS, the opportunity to hear EC terms has increased naturally.

This time,EC terms often used in the industry are classified in classifications, from basic terms, marketing, logistics, development, PM, and design.

If you want to create an EC site in the future, or are considering renewing the EC site, you may have an e -commerce term that you already know.

From the EC terms introduced from now on, I would like you to read it while thinking about whether or not you already know or not.

EC terms often used in the industry
-EC Basic term--

1.EC (Electronic Commerce)

What is EC?Abbreviation for "Electronic Commerce"is.

In fact, the scope of the content called the EC is wide, and it is also called EC, such as commercial transactions that are exchanged on the Internet, that is, e -trades such as online auctions and stock trading.

Therefore, online shopping, online shop, etc. are also applicable.

2. Shopping ads

What is shopping advertising?One of the Google ads menusis.

For example, if you search for a "clock" in Google search, the shopping advertisement on the search result screen not only for text but also with watch product images, price information, inventory information, etc.

In the case of a smartphone, a shopping advertisement is displayed at the top, which is more likely to be noticed by the user's noticeable, rather than a listing advertisement that appears only above the search results.

Shopping ads are an internet advertisement that is indispensable for EC sites, which can be expected to be recognized and increased.

3. Cross cell

Cross cell isDifferent from the products that users are considering purchasing

Propose related products and urge them to purchase together.Is to say.

4. Upsel

What is an upsel?Efforts to encourage users to improve the purchase price of usersis.

For example, when browsing products on an EC site, a higher -priced product may be recommended. This is the upsel.

It is often suggested in conjunction with the above cross cells, and in SHOPIFY, there is a section that installs related products on product pages and cart pages, so that effective measures can be implemented immediately for cross -cells and upsels.

5. ASP (application service provider) service

What is ASP?"Application ServiceProvider

(Application service provider) abbreviationis.

in short,Services that provide applications on the InternetI say.

SHOPIFY also falls under the ASP service. Among the ASP cart systems, the number of introductions is the best in the world.

In addition to EC, there are also web emails such as Gmail, attendance management systems and salary management systems for individuals to companies.

6. Falling basket

What is a basket drop?Products that users put in the cart on the EC site,

To leave without purchasingIs to say.

SHOPIFY has a function to automatically send notification emails to users subject to basket from the setting items on the management screen.

EC terms often used in the industry

7.CPC (Cost Perrd)

What is CPC?Abbreviation for "COST PER Click"is.

The click unit price is the cost of acquiring one click at the time of advertising.

The customer acquisition unit price depends on how much the user clicked on the ad.

When the user clicks, the CPC is paid for the preliminary contracted click price.Evaluation indicators that are important when advertisingWill be.

8. CV (conversion)

What is CV?Abbreviation for "Conversion"is.

In the first place, the goal set has been achieved.

The goal on the EC site is basically a conversion of products.

By setting the conversion in advanceEC site production is more effectiveIt will be something.

9.ROI (return -on investment)

What is ROI?Abbreviation for "Return on Investment"is.

It refers to "investment profit ratings" and "investment profit ratings".

For example, a percentage indicator of how much benefits have been made for the cost of an advertisement is called ROI.

When taking a new measure, you can also calculate ROI and consider how much cost -effectiveness is expected to be a specific indicator (KPI).

10.lp (landing page)

What is LP?Abbreviation for "Landing Page"

The difference from the website is that information is often summarized in one vertical page.

For example, LP may be linked to the web advertising image.

We may introduce LPs to introduce new products, connect them to the flow line of purchase, or acquire the number of applications for attracting events.

11.Ga (Google Analytics)

What is GA?Abbreviation for "Google Analytics"is.

Google's websiteAccess analysis tool.

You can analyze the actions such as which pages are the largest number of browsing. Since it is an indispensable tool for the operation of the website, we recommend that you introduce it. Shopify can also be set.

EC terms often used in the industry
-EC Logistics--

12.SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

What is SKU?Abbreviation for Stock Keeping Unitis.

Used when ordering and inventory managementMinimum management unitIs shown.

This is an important concept to manage which products have sold and how much they sell.

13.jan code (Japanese article number)

What is JAN?Japanese Article Number

(Japanese article number) abbreviationis.

The international product identification numberIt accurately represents which product of which business.

As an example of use of JAN code, it is described in the product of the product.

If you can think of convenience stores and supermarkets, it will be easy to understand.

14. Omni -channel

What is omni -channel?One of the sales strategiesis.

With customers performed by companies during salesThe contact is "channel"I call it. Offline store sales and online EC sites. It refers to an omni -channel strategy that collaborates with various channels such as SNS and performs an approach to purchasing to customers.

as a side note,Omni is "all"is what it means.

As a background of the Omni -Channel, the spread of smartphones is spread, so that users can complete all of the actions, such as investigating product information and word -of -mouth, comparing prices, and purchasing on an EC site. became.

Therefore, considering this series of actions, it is necessary to prepare many sales channels (contacts with customers) and create a mechanism that can be purchased "anywhere" by preparing many sales channels (points of contact with customers). , Multi -channel (multiple channels) is attracting attention.

Similar terms include OMO and O2O.

15.omoOnline Mags Wiz Offline


(Omitted online Mags with Offline)is.

We provide highly convenient services for customers by collaborating online and offline without distinguishing. OMO is a marketing strategy aimed at improving customer experiences (UX).

16.O2O (online toe offline)

What is O2O?Online to offline(Online toe offline) abbreviationis.

It refers to measures to guide consumers from online online on the Internet to offline stores.

Countermeasures: promotes action to offline stores by distributing coupons that can be used in actual stores to EC site users.

17.WMS (Wear House Management System)

What is WMS?Warehouse Management System(Omitted of wear house management system)is.

It is a system that manages inventory in a logistics warehouse.

By using WMS, you can improve your work, improve productivity and increase logistics quality.

18. Additional

What is an addition?One of the inventory management methodis.

When receiving an order, it means to secure several inventory in advance.

However, it is recommended that you manage using an inventory management system, etc., because mistakes are likely to occur if you do not convert inventory to data.

SHOPIFY allows you to manage the stock in detail in the "SHOPIFY Full Filling Network" in the settings.

EC terms often used in the industry
-Development / PM edition-

19.wbs(Work break down structure)


(Work Break Down Structure)is.

It refers to the management method for performing a project.

WBS is said to be valid for business schedule management. Share within the project team so that everyone can check the progress.

Recently, there are web apps and tools that can check the editing contents with team members in real time.

20. requirement definition

What is the requirement definition?Consider before starting the project.

Organize the work to be implemented and the necessary functions, etc., with easy -to -understand text, etc.

It is a work to summarize the contents.

Consideration of requirements is a process that must not be removed in site production.

For example, when renewed, "why you want to renew in the first place", "what kind of concept is to do", "What to do with the concept and implementation", "How much is the schedule and budget?" The content introduced is a part, but it refers to the work of concrete the completion image of the site to be produced.

21. Phase

What is phase?In a small period for the whole project period

Unit that separates projectsIt is used as.

In order to carry out the project, depending on the scale and circumstances, it is divided into several appropriate phases,

Sometimes we will proceed.

22.kpi (key performance indicator)

What is KPI?Abbreviation for "Key Performance Indicator"is.

A specific indicator of what to do to achieve the ultimate goal.

By specifying specific indicators (KPI) on the management site, you can determine whether it is correctly heading to achieve the ultimate goal.

For example, if the target number, such as the number of visitors, the purchase ratio, and the unit price of the customer, is set for the first time, the specific content that considers what to act in order to achieve it after determining the numerical value. KPI.

KPI is translated in Japanese as "important performance evaluation index" and improves organizations and business results.Furthermore, in management, it will be set to achieve the final goal.Specific indicatorsWill be.

23.Rfp (request for proposal)

What is RFP?Abbreviation for "Request for ProPosal"is.

in short,Proposal requestI say.

This is a document that requests a specific proposal to a vendor (production side) that can be a candidate when selecting an ordering party when making an ordering request for an EC site or outsourcing an EC site.

When creating RFP"What, how much, whenThese three contents are at least required.

EC terms often used in the industry

24.cmsContent management system

What is CMS?Abbreviation for "REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL"is.

In other words, it is a system that can centrally preserve and manage text, images, designs, etc. in the content of the content on the website.

Shopify also uses CMS. Product registration and blog posts. The addition of a store page can be performed with no code, and renewal and publication can be performed by the business operator.

25.UI (user interface)

What is the UI?Abbreviation for "User Interface"is.

If it's a website or EC site, the UIIt refers to the appearance and ease of use of the site, and the point of contact with the userI say.

The UI is the layout and composition of the site. Not only the images used, but also the users who see and operate, such as the character font, menu and button operability.

26. UX (User Experience)

What is UX?Abbreviation for "User Experience"is.

In other words, the experience that users gain through products and servicesI say.

For example, when a user actually visits a food -related EC site,

  • Information is"Easy to understand!"
  • The arrangement of buttons and the size of the text are appropriate"user friendly!"
  • With a delicious photo"I want to buy this product!"

It refers to what kind of experience and impression you have. If the user has a good impression in the experience at this time,High UX evaluationThat means.

In a different sense, the reason why the word UIUX is used together is for users who use the service.Good quality "experience (UX)"To doHigh quality "appearance and operability (UI)"Because you need.

Also, EC sites are particularly involved in the purchase of experience (UX), soThe UIUX design on the EC site is a very important roleIt will be.

27. Wire frame

The wire frame is a line and a skeleton when translated directly. in shortBefore the design of the designIt will be.

The purpose to produce is within the EC site"Where, what, and how"It is to clarify whether to display it.

By creating a wire frame in advance, the EC site will eliminate the missing elements, and it will be easier to consider the completed design, such as sharing the overall design with the members involved in the design.

28. Jump rate

What is the jump rate?Character size ratioI say.

For example, when you create a character such as "1000 yen OFF" when creating a sale banner, set the character size of "1000" to 40px and set the character size of "Yen OFF" to 30px. Then, the word "1000" is emphasized, and the part of the value you want to emphasize most can stand out.


If you make it with awareness of the jump rate,Ease of view of the entire designConnect to.


However, there is one point to note. Please note that if you do not adjust the character size consciously so that the meaning of the word is conveyed, it may be difficult to read.


What did you think.

Did you already know the EC terms you already knew?

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