[2024 latest version] What are the AI ​​tools?

by Takushi Matsuura

2023"AI Tool" first yearIt is said that.

Sentence AI tool that appeared in 2022 "ChatgptDon't you think that the number of situations where AI enters human society has increased rapidly?

When you are in contact with such a situation, many people feel that "I am interested in the AI ​​tools" and "I want to incorporate AI tools in my work but I can't choose a lot."

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the latest AI tools in 2023.

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What is AI tool?

The AI ​​tool refers to various software and applications that apply artificial intelligence technology.

AI tools can automate and improve various tasks by imitating human judgment and thoughts in fields such as natural language processing, machine learning, image processing, audio recognition, and robot engineering.

As an example,Automatic translation apporAudio assistantImage recognition toolorAutonomous driving systemAnd so on.

AI tools are used in various situations such as business, industries, medical care, education, and families, and realizes business automation, optimization, cost reduction and quality improvement.

2023 latest AI tools

From here, the latest AI tool in 2023Nineto introduce.

Intelligent Computer
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Chatgpt (GPT-4)

ChatgptIs a type of language model developed by Openai.

The latest version of the GPT-4 has a hundreds of millions of parameters and boasts high performance in the field of natural language processing. Chatgpt is not only able to respond to automatically generate sentences and respond to the meaning of sentences.Dialogue type AI applicationIt is also used asAttention has been focused as useful tools in fields such as customer support and personal assistant.

With the development of ChatGPT in the future, it is expected that it will be able to respond to more complex issues and a more natural dialogue.

Nikkei Trendy selected by Nikkei Trendy was also selected as the first place in the 2023 hit, and will continue to be seen in various fields.


CANVA is a design tool that allows you to edit photos and videos.
There are plenty of templates, and even those who have little experience in design can be easily and intuitively used.

Such Canva also has AI tools.

If you enter a word directly in CANVA, AI will generate the image of that word. Since the image style can be freely selected, the image as expected is generated immediately.

If you lack images used on the site, why not use it?

What is the AI ​​image generation of Canva?Herefrom!

Prediction One

Prediction OneIs provided by SonyAI forecast solutionis.By utilizing Prediction One, you can easily build a predictive model to solve business and social issues.

You can easily convert, integrate, and aggregate the required data at the stage of data preprocessing, saving time and effort.

Prediction One is a very easy -to -use tool for users, and users who are not used to data processing are ready for predictive analysis.


T-400Is a unique translation AI provided by Rosetta.

It corresponds to more than 2,000 specialized fields, such as legal affairs and drugs, and can translate very accurately.

It also supports file translation, and has a function that cuts the hassle that translates the whole thing in business scenes such as PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


VoitraIs a tool that can be written by AI of voice and video.

Using the brush -up plan, a high -level service, will properly insert punctuation and line breaks, and remove fill words (words such as "Ah" and "E").

It is said that the translation function will be implemented in the future, and it may be an indispensable technology in the times with many video content.

Chat plus

Chat plusIs a chat bot tool for business with a variety of functions.

By using chat plus, you can provide customer support and inquiries for 24 hours on websites and SNS.

The feature is that the initial cost is free and the price setting is low at 1,500 yen per month. The cheapest plan is not equipped with AI, but the upper plan is equipped with AI.

Future growth is attracting attention as a chat -bot tool that can be selected from several types of plans according to the size of the user and the necessary functions, and can be easily introduced to small and medium -sized enterprises and sole proprietors.


PickuponIs a tool that records the contents of the call.

Calls are automatically converted into voice and text, so that information on the telephone business can be shared throughout the team without omission.

In addition, the text that is automatically created will pick up important parts of AI, so share it with the team is quite smooth.


SoolieIs provided by R SquareD Co., Ltd.AI tool for marketing staffis.

Soolie can calculate the optimal advertising budget allocation in online and offline ads, so companies can implement efficient and optimal advertising strategies.

The point is that SOOLIE is designed to be easy for anyone to use, and has a function that will solve your own issues. We also calculate the advertising budget required to maximize the advertising effect and propose measures to optimize the results of the campaign.

It is a recommended tool for companies that are considering various forms of advertisements because they can measure the effects of offline ads.


PicwishIs a service that highlights the image quality of the photo with AI.

It is effective in improving the image quality of photos taken with a smartphone, has a background transparency and an eraser function, and can be used for processing logo and product images.

Picwish can be used online, so you don't need to download programs and apps.


TensorFlowIs an open source machine learning software library developed by Google.

It is used to implement various machine learning algorithms, including neural networks and deep learning.

TensorFlow is also compatible with distributed processing, so it is possible to process large -scale datasets using multiple machines.

It is also used for image search and speech recognition technology in Google, and the fields where this tool is applied is expected to expand further in the future.


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Now that the use of AI tools for business and society is becoming more and more familiar.

By utilizing the AI ​​tools, you can get many benefits, such as improving productivity, efficiency, and creating new businesses.

In society, AI technology is expected to be used in many fields such as medical care, agriculture, and transportation, and efforts are being made to realize a better society.

How about using the AI ​​tools introduced this time to develop a new field?



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