[2023 latest version] Sales channel available in SHOPIFY


SHOPIFY can also use registered product data to sell products on Facebook and distribute ads on Tiktok.
In this way, by linking SHOPIFY with various platforms, you can increase sales channels and centrally manage them on SHOPIFY. However, there are many platforms that can be linked with SHOPIFY, and there are various functions that can be used in complicated methods. This time, I will explain the SHOPIFY sales channel together.

SHOPIFY sales channel

What is a sales channel?

With sales channels, you can purchase services and products.
SHOPIFY can sell SHOPIFY registered products on those platforms by linking with SNS, blogs, and other mall -type EC sites. Sales strategies for users are called "multi -channel" through multiple sales channels.
Data such as price, product details, and inventory can be synchronized, so you can manage the SHOPIFY management screen on the SHOPIFY management screen no matter which platform is purchased. Since the report function of SHOPIFY can be analyzed for each sales channel, you can easily grasp "which product is ordered and which channel".

Shopify x SNS-Mall type EC-blog, etc.

Three benefits that can be obtained by increasing sales channels

Here are three benefits that can be obtained by increasing sales channels.

Audience expansion

Increasing sales channels will allow customers to choose a channel that suits you, so your customer satisfaction will be higher than a single channel with only one sales route.

Therefore, there is an advantage that new customers can increase the number of audiences.
In addition, SHOPIFY's sales channel does not sell products on other platforms, but is a mechanism that appeals to products based on SHOPIFY's registered product data. For this reason, there are channels that guide them to the online shops they operate.


Centralized product data

Centralizing product data is also an advantage of increasing sales channels.
Until now, when selling products on various platforms, it was necessary to register product data on each platform, and when ordered, it was necessary to adjust the number of stock manually.

In SHOPIFY, registered product data is slided to other platforms, so it is not necessary to register product registration or stock quota. Product management is recommended.


Sales can increase

Increasing the number of product sales platforms can approach many users and increase sales opportunities.
If you increase sales channels, sales will not increase simply, but data will be accumulated by product sales on various channels. As a result, it will be analyzed for each channel, which will also improve sales strategies, such as "Which platform user and product are compatible" and "Is this product successful on the platform?"


List of available channels

List of available channels

Here, we summarize the sales channels that can be used in SHOPIFY.
From the bottom of the table, each sales channel is explained in detail.

Sales channel
Selling products at Rakuten Ichiba
Wholesale (SHOPIFY PLUS only)
Create a wholesale online shop protected by password
Combine multiple links
Deliver ads on tiktok using product data registered in SHOPIFY
online store
Normal online shop
Facebook (Instagram) 
Product sales at Facebook shop and create Instagram shopping pages
Display products in Google search results (shopping tabs)
By cooperating, you can open "Pinterest Shopping" and distribute product advertisements on Pinterest.
Shopify Pos
Utilizing the SHOPIFY POS app to collaborate with actual store sales and data
You can receive Amazon product list management and order notifications
If you have a conversation with a customer directly with Messenger, you can buy it, or if you ask a question from a customer, you can reply directly


SHOPIFY can also work with Rakuten Ichiba.

Not only can you sell products registered in SHOPIFY on Rakuten Ichiba, but you can centrally manage product inventory and product data on SHOPIFY. Rakuten Ichiba is the largest mall -type EC site in Japan with more than 100 million members, and can approach many users.

Wholesale (SHOPIFY PLUS only)

If you subscribe to Shopify Plus, you can build a wholesale site with a password.

Wholesale channels can not only set different wholesale prices for each business, but also can set minimum order quantities and minimum prices for each business. There are various functions, such as settings that are easy to re -order, different discounts for each group, and synchronization with external software.


LinkTree is a web service that allows you to combine multiple SNS and websites on one page.

When LinkTree is installed on profiles such as Twitter and Instagram, many creators and brands use users to other media. By linking SHOPIFY and LinkTree, you can induce collections and products on Linktree to guide them to the online shop.


By linking SHOPIFY and TIKTOK, you can create an ad -creative that matches Tiktok in Shopify's registered product data.

Advertisements are distributed by Tiktok, and advertising performances such as the number of accesses can be managed on SHOPIFY.

online store

The online store is a regular online shop and is a sales channel added when SHOPIFY is started.

Since it can be used on a plan other than the starter plan (former SHOPIFY LITE), you can build an original EC shop.

Facebook (Instagram)  

By linking SHOPIFY and Facebook, you can sell products at the Facebook shop.

By adding a Facebook channel, you can also link with "Facebook Marketing", "Instagram Shopping", and "Messenger". Facebook marketing allows you to manage distribution ads on Facebook and Instagram on SHOPIFY. Instagram shopping can display a shopping tab on the brand's Instagram and set up a product tag on the posted image.


By linking SHOPIFY and Google (Google Merchant Center), you can post shopping ads using SHOPIFY registered product data.

Google Shopping Advertising is an advertisement that displays highly relevant product information in search results for search keywords. At the same time, it will be posted on the shopping tab displayed in Google search results without advertising expenses.


You can use a "product pin" that allows you to display the product information when SHOPIFY products are pinned.

Shopify Pos

SHOPIFY also offers a POS system to sell products at real stores.

By using SHOPIFY POS, you can centrally manage the online shop and the actual store customer data and product inventory.


Products sold in SHOPIFY are not automatically displayed on Amazon.

However, you can receive management and order notification of Amazon product list.


You can recommend purchasing in a conversation with customers in Messenger, or reply directly if you have any questions from a customer.

Precautions of available channels

Available channels have various precautions.

This time, I will focus on Rakuten Ichiba and introduce some points to note.

Only information about products registered through SHOPIFY can be linked

Even if you link SHOPIFY with Rakuten Ichiba shop, product information registered in Rakuten Ichiba will not be linked.

It is also a cause that the shop operation does not proceed smoothly because it cannot cooperate with product registration, order management, and inventory information. Copy and paste the information because it is necessary to re -registration of existing products. However, the existing product review registered at Rakuten Ichiba cannot be reflected.

It may take some time to judge

If you apply for opening a store in Rakuten Ichiba, there will be a screening.

Only stores that have passed the store opening screening at the time of application and the screening to be conducted after the store page is built. The examination takes about 2 weeks to 1 month, and it takes about 3 months to start selling, considering the product registration and page construction period.

Add sales channels to expand sales channels

Add sales channels to expand sales channels

This time, we explained the sales channels that can be used in SHOPIFY.
You can expand sales channels by using various sales channels. Platforms that can be linked with SHOPIFY can also synchronize data, so you can keep the management costs low. If you are not sure how to set the sales channel, please feel free to contact Go Ride!

Go Ride

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