[2023 latest] Initial setting items to be kept in SHOPIFY [EC site construction]

by Takushi Matsuura

Those who have recently opened a SHOPIFY store, everyone who is trying to open a Shopify store.

EC platforms like SHOPIFY have many initial setting items.

Of course, there is no problem filling in the specified place, but you may not know what settings you should choose.

In this article, I will introduce the points that should be held in the initial settings in SHOPIFY!


One of the most important items on EC sites is the payment system.

SHOPIFY is default, accompanied by a settlement service called Shopify Payments, and can be used with zero introduction costs.

However, if you want to add convenience store payments or postpayment as one of the payment methods, you need to introduce an external payment system into the store.

If more users can settle in the payment method they want to use, it will lead to a decrease in the withdrawal rate.

Introducing payments that match each store!


The price of the product in the store naturally pays taxes.

In the book todayObligation to display total amountIt is attached.
Therefore, it is necessary to display it in SHOPIFY.

If you check the tax -included price from the settings, the text of "tax included" will be displayed on the product page.

Shopify Tax Included
Price Tax Included

By writing directly on the product page, the display method can be changed freely.

Tax display is an important point for business operators, so be sure to keep it!


You can input each policy from the settings.

It is a place where you will be late to worry about the product and the store settings, so let's set it so that you do not forget!


"Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law" is also available in a template, so please refer to it when creating an EC site for the first time!

sample policy

Various online stores

Don't forget to check the various parts of the online store.

Shopify Various Settings

The homepage and meta description will be displayed when it is displayed in the search engine. It's important because many users will find the store here.

Go Ride Meta Discration from Google

Spam protection is set so that GoogleRelecaptcha is required when logging in or forming form.

Since it is for protection from fraudulent users, uneasy businesses should be turned on and prevent it!

What did you think.

Those who have already started building the site may have missed these settings, so be sure to check before the store launch!



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