10 niche merchandise EC sites built in SHOPIFY


As the market size of EC is growing year by year, the number of EC sites built on the EC platform from Canada is increasing every day.

This time, SHOPIFY uses a number of platforms and different e -commerce sites, which are attractive and potentially demanding designs, specialized select items, and e -commerce sites that handle original products. I will introduce it together with the theme.

Not only a variety of designs, but also niche products, it is a must -see because various ideas are implemented from the fun of choosing products and user experience.

10 niche merchandise EC sites built in SHOPIFY



Gryllus Online

Used theme: Prestage

A food brand that uses powder of "edible crickets" that solves the food loss problem and protein crisis.

In 2020, we used crickets and cricket powder in the good goods plan known for MUJI.
"Edible crickets" that ramen were sold and attracted attention.
Glas sells sweets and curry specializing in edible crickets.

The illustrations of crickets are cute!
I think there are many people who are scared to hear crickets.
Customers will be relieved with easy -to -understand illustrations with gentle touches.

I just thought it was a product that would be a matter of concern just by hearing "crickets".
From the package and EC design

It is a brand that is seriously trying to solve the food loss problem and protein crisis seriously.

sachiare sachimo

sachiare sachimo

Used theme: Brooklyn

* As of June 2022

On this site, it is a feature of the SHOPIFY theme "BROOKLYN" used,

For the slide show at the top of the homepage
The rich and sweet potatoes full of honey and steam that you want to eat now are greatly projected. Eye catch is perfect.

The left and right margins for sweet potatoes are also widespread and gives a polite impression.
The fact that the sweet potato subscd is also conveyed that "I want you to feel the sweet potato effect on a daily basis."



Sell ​​masking tape mtUS version EC site.


Used theme: Custom theme

Only masking tape is sold at this store.


At the top of the site, there are two "store information" and "product page", and you can check the details by clicking.

In addition, the appearance of the masking tape image on the entire site gives a rich impression.

On the product details page, the color is easy to understand as if you actually picked it up. You can feel the commitment to the masking tape.




Used theme: Venture

It is an official online shop that handles products from the British carp fishing maker "Nash Tackle".

It seems that this site picks up and sell seasonal products, mainly bait, terminal tackle and wear.

What is Carp Fishing?

Carp fishing is a carp fishing style originated in Europe.

Basically, it is bait fishing, but the bait is very hard and round like the first view.

The characteristic function of the SHOPIFY theme "Venture" used on this site is the "multiple columns menu".

Products have been displayed well in the top, and it has a site design that is easy to understand for each collection without confusing customers.

The grid design based on black is also cool.




Used theme: DAWN

Lamp made of real bread by artist Yukiko Morita "Pump shade EC site.

The idea of ​​a real bread a lamp shade. It is a lamp shade that feels warm and looks delicious.

"Pump shade" is a mechanism to collect the discarded bread and revive it as a pump shade in cooperation with a bakery.

The whole site is made rich and simple, and the charm of the pump shade is transmitted directly. The EC site is made in SHOPIFY and the corporate site is different.

I think it will be helpful for those who say, "I want to have a corporate site separately." The review function is also firmly attached, so you can see the reaction of overseas people.




Used theme: DAWN

The scent of YOHAKU complies with IFRA regulations and uses carefully selected fragrances. A global fragrance EC site with high priority on safety and supports EU's GHS regulations and US VOC regulations.

It is an EC site specializing in fragrance.

We sell oil as well as incense.

It is perfect for "silence" and "clean" images that match the concept with plenty of margins and non -acorn design.

There is a lot of full -size images for the device, so there is a sense of quality.

Because it sells natural aroma oils and fragrances, there are many natural image images, and you can heal just by looking at the site. It is a site design that makes you want to choose a product slowly and slowly.




Used theme: Custom theme

A high -quality thread that is carefully made, a fine thread that is carefully made, a kit, pattern, and comfortable tools that will be so nice when you are wearing the knitting time.


It is an EC site specializing in knitting. It is a site design that makes you feel the warmth of the yarn.

Since the product is made of wool, the filter function such as the brand and the thickness of the thread is carefully used so that customers are not confused.

It's exciting to watch with a lot of colorful yarn.

Wild grass / tea flower specialty store Hanashi no Hanashi

Wild grass / tea flower specialty store Nohana no Hanashi

Wild grass / tea flower specialty store Nohana no Hanashi

Used theme: debut

Hanashi no Nori is a specialty store of wild grass and tea flowers. An EC site that collects only wild flowers that are not in flowers grown in fields and greenhouses, are bent or blurred.

EC is a rare wildflower and tea flower specialty store.

The SHOPIFY theme used on this site is simply built with "Debut".

You can feel the nature as it is only with the image of the product. Nogusa's arrangements are also sold, so if you have a little present on a daily basis, you will be happy.




Used theme: Custom theme

EC site specializing in ashtray

Ashtray with oil lamps, lamp -shaped ashtray, potted plant of houseplants and set ashtrays, etc.
Anyway, only fashionable and unusual products.

This is an EC site that was awarded CSS Design Awards.

It is an impression of a calm adult with a high quality of the site design and a familiar cream beige. You will want to see it slowly.

The product list is also stylish with the grit design.




Used theme: debut

It is an EC site specializing in high quality interior paint, carefully selected by designers.

CLARE -like interior paint is recognized as VOC zero, ultra -low odor, GreenGuard Gold certification, and it seems to meet the harshest standards in the world that the chemical substance is small and the indoor air quality is more healthy. is.

The EC site sells not only paint but also brushes when applying on walls.

When hovering, it switches to the interior image image, and it is easy to recall the color when you actually use it.

When you paint dry? It can be different from the image, but it is designed so that such a thing does not occur.

In addition, the navy and yellow color of the site are perfect for the product with a pop impression.

The design of the filter colored watch is also cute.


In this article, we mentioned a niche merchandise site among sites built in SHOPIFY.

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