[Yokohama] 15 cafes that I want to go on a drive date


Introducing a cafe that you want to go to Yokohama and a little difficult to access by train.

1. THE BUND / The Band

Opposite the road in Yamashita Park, the cafe restaurant on the first floor of the marine tower, and the BBQ are also on the terrace. Yamashita Park and the sea can be seen and released. The cafe restaurant is also reasonable and easy to use. It is a place used in the location of the popular drama terrace house.

2. Vanillabeans / Vanilla Beans Minato Mirai Main Store

The chocolate specialty store cafe for sweet tooths where you can see the process of making chocolate is also reasonable, but the space inside the store is wonderful, but it is also a horseway station far from Minato Mirai Station, so it is best to access by car. There is also a large parking lot next to it. And there are few tourists, and it is a hidden Yokohama spot that is often vacant.

3. Cafe the Rose / Cafe the Rose

The cafe soft serve in the roses garden in Minato Hill Park is delicious. Impression terrace seats, which are also good at local people, are beautiful roses in early summer. Terrace seats are recommended in spring and autumn

4. LUNCHAN AVENUE / Ranchan Avenue

A shop right from Nippon Odori Station. An old Western -style building has a Yokohama atmosphere. A nice cafe with a very high ceiling, very large windows, and a retro atmosphere like Yokohama. The seating interval is wide and there are BOX seats, so you can relax slowly.

5. Cafe Elliott Avenue / Cafe Eliot Avenue

It is a cafe standing a short walk from the marine tower to Motomachi. It is operated by the "coffee craftsman and" Latte Art "and the Varista acknowledged by the owner David Schomer, the owner of the Seattle" Espresso Vivace ". shop" It seems to be a good shop for those who are famous for the taste of coffee like a famous shop in Seattle.

6. Yokohama Karo Harbor Smooth Ake Main Building / Harbour's Moon

About 5 minutes from Nippon Odori Station, the long -established famous confectionery in Yokohama HARBOUR'S MOON CAFE terrace seats are also relaxed. The inside of the store is a classic interior and has a large number of seats, and half of the shop, which is often empty, may be a cafe because it is often empty. You can enjoy authentic Yokohama confectionery.

7. Saloon Himmel / Saloon Himel

At a lounge cafe attached to the cinema on the top floor of Collet Male near the station in Sakuragicho, you can drink alcohol. Surprisingly, it is a secret spot that is not known to the locals.
The circular sofa creates a semi -private space, and the view is the best to see the port. Even when the movie theater is crowded, the space here is often vacant. When you have the time to the movie, you can read a book while drinking coffee here, or you can raise the tension to the movie while drinking champagne on a date, so it is a convenient space.

8. SOMEWHERE / Thumware

A hideaway cafe/bar behind the police box in Isezaki -cho. Because it is located on the second floor of a building where snacks and the like are entered, it is a very courageous shop to enter. The signboard is just quietly with W, but if you open the door, it will be the interior with a chic atmosphere. At night, he seems to be doing jazz live. The sofa seats in the store are very comfortable. It is a hideaway where you can eat pancakes.

9. Cafe 88 / Ayight

Although it is a convenient location for tourists close to Chinatown, the shop is large and relatively vacant. The atmosphere is good and the terrace seats have enough space, so it looks good in the coming autumn season. The terrace seats can be accompanied by dogs, so please use your dog lovers.

10. Mameya head office

A shop in Isezaki -cho where you can enjoy coffee from all over the world. You can relax with coffee with the deep Isezakicho atmosphere. There is also a terrace seat, the space in the store is spacious, and it is a warm shop of wood. It is good to buy coffee beans as souvenirs, and we also do coffee roasting classes. Recommended for coffee.

11. & IMA / And Imma

This is a cafe space in the cafe & IMA store on the top floor of the Barneys New York Yokohama store. The view is good and you can relax while looking around Yamashita Park and the sea. The break on the top floor calms down while shopping. It is a secret space where you can relax with peace of mind even if you have a child.

12. Cinnamon's Restaurant Yokohama Yamashita Park / Cinnamons restaurant

Barneys New York's Yokohama Yamashita Park The main cafe pancake is a cafe pancake and can also drink Hawaiian beer. It is often relatively vacant, probably because it is on the back road. The inside of the store is large and spacious.

13. Oriental Cafe / Oriental Cafe

A little walk from Yokohama Station in the direction of the downtown area (in the direction of Minamiki), it is a spacious and very comfortable space in this vicinity (downtown). At night, it is crowded with young people, and you can see couples to meet. It is a very easy -to -use cafe for meeting near Yokohama Station.

14. HAMA Cafe / Hamakafe

Impression that there are many local customers near the large pier, just like Jack Cafe, but tourists are calm because they do not walk so far. It is convenient to access by car and you can walk in the parking lot of the large pier. Impression of a port cafe like Yokohama

15. Jack-Cafe / Jack Cafe

Because it is a cafe near the large pier, access by car is convenient. The inside of the store has an American atmosphere. There are terrace seats outside, so it feels good in spring and autumn. There are few tourists, probably because they are far from the station, and there are many foreigners living nearby, and it is a convenient cafe that can be used for a little drink at night.

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